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The Sheriff Was Left

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Sheriff Johu Gilleu lias commeuced a snit by Arthur Brown Iris attoruey agaiust the Michigan Centra], claiming $100 dam ages. It is bronght under section No. 3, Ü24, Howell's Auuotated statutes as amended. It is qnite uovel iu iis nature. Satnrday, March 18, Sheriff Gilleu received a message frorn Ghelsea that bis imrnediate presenee was required there. He went to the Michigan Central depot iu time for the early train; Wheii it carne iu he got iuto the smoker. Tüo traiu shifted around and the smoker was run ou to a side track. As nothing was said to Mr. t-i-illeu. he thought the car would be picked up, but ie was not and he saw the train wbiz past. He then tried to get the express train to stop at Chelsea, which he claims tne compauy refused te do.