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Judges Of Tobacco

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"Even the best judges of tobáceo can't always be depended on," remarked a dealer the other day. "Sometimes their taste goes back on them, so to speak, and remains blunted for % week at a stretch. One of my cus.omers, for instance, is a cotton man, who is very particular about his cigars, and one of the few real connoisseurs in town. When he is in good íorm he can teil more about tobáceo on a superficial examination than anybody I know, with the exception of a dealer who has a big reputation as an expert. About a month ago this gentleman began to eomplain about a fa"Vorite brand of very high-elass cigars. I knew the goods were all right, and advised him to buy something lse for a while. He finally begaa smoking a pipe and used a cheap cut plug tbat be declared was the best thing he ever tried. One day, all o{ a sudden, his taste returned, and he went back to the cigars. At present the bare smell of cut, plug will make him UI. Strange, isn't it? They teil me that professional samplers of tobáceo take a week off every few months, and never look at the weed until they return to duty. In that way they keep