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Precedent is against three terms. To dem...

Precedent is against three terms. To dem... image
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Precedent is against three terms. To demócrata : Vote iiext M.onday See that your democratie neighbo votes. Two terms, twelve years, $30,000. Time to give some one else a chance. Dorsey B. Hoppe would make a first class comniissioner of schools. He is clean iu cliaracter, honest, scholarly and experinced in school work. The democratie city ticket is cornposed oí veil kuown citizens competent to fill vith cradit the varióos city offices. They will make good officials. Vote for tliem. Ie is democratie doctrine that there are to be found arnong the people varions men capable cf fiUing any office. Under such conditions it is not necessary to give au official three terms covering 1 8 years. M. J. Cavanaugh has all tue: qualifi : oations for a good judge. He is pro-; gressive, scholarly, in active practice and has the reqnisite knowledge of the law coupled with the judicial turn oï: mind. If elected he will ex'pedite the business of the court and give the district au econmoical adniimstration. Support vith your ballots tha principies you believe in and tbe candidatos who uphold those principies. Iï th;is be done, M. J. Cavanaugn vpill bè the aeit judge of the 22d judicial district. Had this been dono at the last two judicial electious of the district a demoerat vould have presided on the bench of this district and drawn the $30,000' salary wh'icfa a republioan bas drawn. Were the conditions reversed and tbe majority of the voters of the.Vdistrict were republicans, would there be a democratie judge upou the beódb? Nit!