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From Tuesday's Daily Argus. Albert Fiegel, has purchased a lot of the Wines homestead on S. Division st. He proposes to build a house on the land during the coming summer. Judge of Probate Newkirk today made an order for adoption by William E. and Nettie Boyden, of Harold R. Uttermark, a 17 months ild baby boy. A load of baled hay was tipped over at the corner of Ashley and S. Huron st. yesterday afternoon. In driving over the crossine. the load became top heavy. Mrs. William Aprill, of Scio, is s,kming convalescing from her operation. Dr. Klingmann, her physician reports that he hopes she will be able tö sit up in a day öt two. Deputy Clerk Phil Blum thinks he is $40 ahead, having realized on a tontine investment scheme. He says he invests "no more," as he is now ahead and proposes to stay ahead. William Morton, of Packard st., while tearing down an old building today, lost his footitg and fell ten feet. He was badly bruised and will be confined to his bed for. several days. William C. [acobus, the carpenter, reports that there is more building in sight nbw, than there was last June. The most of the houses to be built are to be used as homes for their owners. The harness stolen from the stable of IVfichael Steabler last Friday night was found this morning by Louis Rhode's son in his fathers coal shed. It had probably been hielden there by'the thief. The, democratic last evening placed Walter Seabolt upon the ticket for president of the council, J. Fred Hoel.le, for alderman in the first ward and Th" omes D. Kearney for alderman in the sixth ward. Marriage licenses have been granted to Jacob Kopp, 44, Sharon, Amanda Sch.ult,, 25, Ann Arbör; Robert J. Conner, 33, Phelps, N. Y., Isabella McNaugher, 32, Ann Arbor; Alonzó H. Ranes, 26, Ann Arbor, Anna R. Heaver, 25, La Clede, III. Miss Davis well known in Ann ' Arbor musical circles, as a lalented pianist and teacher, will play two piano solos at the charity concert in Germania hall. Monday evening. j Miss Davis has many admirers who; will be pleased to hear her. The sisters and cousins of Mrs. David Laubengayer, of S. Main st., last evening delightfully surprised' Mrs. Laubengayer. The occasion j beingher4i birthday anniversary. An abundance of toothsome refreshments were served and a pleasant ! evening was enjoyed by everyone. A deputy revenue collector visited the county clerks office last evening and called for all bonds. He found five justicé and seven notary bonds unstamped. The parties who gave these bonds had bette.r cali at the clerks office and see that these bonds are properly staruped and thereby avoid the penalty. Mrs. James Andrews, of Pittsfield, died this morning at 4 o'clock. The funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at her late residence. Mrs. Andrews was about 55 years of age. Her husband and three daughters, Mrs. Bessie Davidson, Minnie and Fannie, and one son, Luke, survive her. About 30 of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heuler surprised them in their new home on VV. rd st., last night. Everybody present had a jolly good time. The evening was spent in games and social converse. Refreshments were served at a. late hour after which the corupany separated to their various homes. John Moran, by his attorney A.J. Sawyer, this morning filed a declaration in a snit against the Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor Railray Co. claiming $1000 damages. The declaration charges that Jan. 21, 1898 Mr. Moran, was driving on Peckard st., when a motor car struck his horses. He asks $ cooo damage. A quiet modest wedding took place last evening at No. 303 S. State st., it being the marriage of Alonzo H. Ranes a law student and Miss Anna B. VVeavera literary student, Rev. T. VV. Young, pastor of the First Baptist church officiating. Both the contracting parties are from Ulinois. Mr. Ranes was a mernber of the Second Illinois Infantry recently discharged. John Duffy was yesterday sentenced by Justice Duffy to 65 days in the Detroit House of Correction. He was charged with begging on the street as a second offence. Today the case of Benjamin F.Ross charged with an assault and battery on Wah Lee. March 22 was adjourned to April j2. Charles Lewis drunk on street' received 10 days in the county . The Eberbach Drug and Chemical Co., propose making a number of improvements in its building on S. Main st. The rear of the building which is now only two stories is to lc raised 13 feet and the entire reai ut the building is to be covered vviiii glass so as to afford the best liglit possible. The office is to be placed in the rear of the first floor. Shelving will be placed in the second and third floors to properly take care Of the company's stock„ The front of the building will not at this time be changed. In cleaning up this morning preparatory to.commencing work many forgotten relies of a former age in business were found. Among these were ivpoden shaving mug. ■ f:r From Wednesday's Daily Argus. Hveryone interested in bicycles shoul$„ be at the meeting at eight o'clock. Easter song service in St. Andrews Episcopal church, Sunday evenin-a. Special music. Tickets are on sale for St. Andrews vested choir concert at Harris iall, April 7. Admission, 25 cents. Miss' Matern, violionist will take part at the Easter song service Sunday everjing in St. Andrews Episcopal church. ■ The, sénior class of the literary department meet Friday afternoon to decide what form their class memorial will take. The Oddfellows after Lent dance which 4as annpunced for April 12, has, on account of the Rebecca maeting on the same date, been cha'nged to April 11. Joseph Gross pleaded guilty to an assault and battery on Rambert Jones... Justice Dufty fined him the costs. The testimony showed there was ho malice t seemed to be chiefly a case of misunderstanding. Laick Hros. have received three carloads of Vorway pine to be used in the construction of the Godfrey warehouse by the contractors Jacobus & Son. It was cut at Lewiston, Mont morency county. The three cars cöntained over 40,000 feet. Luickwos. pronounce it the finest lumber that has ever been shipped to this city. Aridrew Strehl, of Owosso, who] is attending Albion Colleee, has cided not to accept the offer from the Athjetic Assuciation of Adelbert College, Cleveland, Ohio, to play in that team, but will remain at Albion. The Adelbert team of fered tq put up a year's expenses to secure 51 r. Strehl as an end player. - Owosso Argus. This seems like a violation of amature athletic rules. The Easter services at St. Andrew's church will be as follows: 7 a. m., Koly curamunion (music by f uil choirj 9:00 a. m., Holy communion; 10:30 a. m. morning pray er; Holy communion and sermón; 4:00 p. m., Sunday school festival; 4:30 p. m., meeting of the brotherhood of St. Andrew; 7:30 p. rn., Evening prayér and sermón (spécial music.) A special Easter service will be held at the city V. M. C. A. next Sunday afternoon at 2:45 o'clock. Rev. tíeo. 1-'. Coier of the Lïniversity Bible chairs will rnake an address. Subject to be announced laler. Mr. Coler is an interesting speaker and has a great deal of sympathy for young men. Go and hear him. Special music for Easter will be rendered, and will include a baritone solo by (reral.d Brown and a cornet solo by Waher Crego. fohn Renán residing two miles south-west of Ann Arbor will sell at public auction Thurday, April 6th, at i o'clock: 4 good vvorking hurses, 4 extra good cows, i buil i year oíd, i Jersey heifer 2 yearsold with caif, 3 1 year oíd steers,'5 shoats, 1 sow with pigs, 100 chickens, 15 tons of hay, a quantity of oats, drill, 2 plows, 2 harrows, land roller, 2 sulky hay rakes, rnower, 2 top buggies and níjmerous other articles. Fred Krause will officiate as auctioneer. The will of John Reinenschneider, of Sylvan, was filed yesterday. The estáte is estimated at $100 personal and $3000 real estáte. After his debts are paid and after his wife's death, he divides the estáte as follows: one year after this time his daughter, Mary Kalmbach, is to receive $365; two years after his daughter Catherine receives $200; his son William $100 in 3 years; his son Henry Sioo in 4 years. The residue is to be divided equally between his sons, Philip and Charles. From Yesterday's Daily Argus. Chas. L. Miller and Frank P. Smith have opened up a grocery store at the corner of North Main and Catherine sts. in the store formerly occupied by Johnson & Son. A donation of $400, has been received by the university from Peter White, of Marquette to be used for additional help to Prof. Andrew C. McLaughlin professor of American history. Prof. George L Hendrickson, of Chicago university, Prof. P. M. Slaughter, of Wisconsin, ■ Prof. Charles E. Bennett, of Cornell, and Thomas D. Seymour, of Yale, are in the city to attend the Schoolmasters club which meets in Vpsilanti. Buy yoiir tickets and reserve seats for Sousa's Band concert at University hall, Saturday evening, April 8th, at E. E. Calkins state st , and H. J. Brown Main st., Ann Arbor, and Rogers drug store, Ypsilanti, at 8 a. m., Saturday, April i, 1S99. Prices, 50c, 75c and 1.00. The next meeting of the gan branch of the VVoman's Board of Missions of the Interior of the Congregational church will be held in Ann Arbor. This was settled at their meeting in Detroit yesterday at which Mrs. James B. Angelí was re-elected president; Mrs. Robert Campbell, treasurer, and Sidney W. Clarkson, auditor. Mrs. Alexis C. Angelí, of Detroit, was elected secretary of the juvenile department. The Ann Afbor Chicory Co., is hurrying up its contracts, because of the question of the number of hand sowers and cultivators, to be ordered. As the company intends to limit its contracts to 300 acres, farmers wishing to take advantage of the privilege, of raising a erop, (with a big price guaranteed.) must close their contracts without delay. The company proposes next year to give the first privelege to those that have contracts this year. The prospect of a distribution of $18,000 in cash, is enough to make every citizen of Ann Arbor try to do some home missionary work.