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Weak Stomachs

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And Shattered Nerves.

Every Organ and Nerve depends upon the Stomach for life and nourishment. And any derangement of this organ sooner or later affects one and another portion of the entire human mechanism. The first stage of dyspepsia is Indigestion, produced by continual abuse, overeating, irregular meals, too rich or greasy foods, strong coffee, liquors, tobacco, etc. Indigestible food accumulating in the stomach soon ferments or decays, irritating and inflaming the membrane or lining of the stomach. This same trouble is forced into the lower stomach and bowels; soon the blood becomes poisoned, the liver and kidneys become affected as does every nerve in the body. Palpitation and irregular action of the heart results and in time disease of the heart itself and other organs are established. A safe and pleasant treatment prepared especially for this class of diseases, known as Drake's Dyspepsia Cure and Nerve Restorer should be used upon the first indication of any stomach trouble. It immediately dispels inflammation, corrects the digestive functions, purifies and increases the vital fluid, which restores health to the whole body. A normal condition of the nerves is established, the beclouded brain becomes clear, that headache and pain over the eyes is gone, color returns to the cheek, and a new lease of life is the reward. Beware of substitutes. Ask for Drake's Dyspepsia Cure and Nerve Restorer, sold by H. J. Brown and E. E. Calkins.