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Harkins, give us a song.

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Harkins, give us a song. Mr. President is tüe formula with which Walter Seabolt will ba addres&ed hereafter. Judge Doty, if yon have occasion to send ns over the road, we pray you do uot give us more than 60 days. The third of the alleged Judson propositions, to elect the whole city ticket, was too large au nudertakiug' Mr. Seyler, when you come into yonr kingdoia, kindly remetuber to keep assessments down, aud your petitioner wiJi ever pray. The board of supervisors is republiean by a safe majority. It has been democratio so long that the uieiuory of man rnnneth not to the contrary. CommissioDer Lister, Dear Sir:- '- Yon have our pennissiou to visit aud advise the school ma'ms for two years more. Yonrs, A Majority of the Voters. Laick and Seyler appear to beloiig in the same class. Althongh ïuuning on opposite tickets they come clowu the home stretch uearly neck and ueck as to majorities. Jndge Kinne appcars to retaiu his hold npon the voters of Wasfatenaw uotwithstaiiding the fact that he had oue of the cleanest, ablest aud most popular attoneys of the county for his opponent. Justice Clandins B. Grant lias beea re-elected by a greatly ríduced majority. ïbe returns indícate tbat organized labor threw its votes agaiust him bnt tliat the conservativo conutrv disiricts saved him. S. M. Jones, the Piugreesqne tnayor of Toledo, vvbo was tnrned down by the repnblicans for a re-nomiuation, ran ou an independent ticket and won. He evidently has sorne support ainoug the peoplo. He favors city ownership of the electric ligbt plant and ether public ntilities. ] JSow that the electiou is over let every citizen do bis part to uphold the hands of tbe city offleiais and assist them in giving the cify tha best gov■enrment it bas ever had. AU sbould work togetber for the moral, iutellectïial and material interests of tbe city. 'The eitizeus wbom the people have elevated to officals station aio good, competent, conscientious, üonest oitizens and will p-rform the duties of their respective offices to tb best of trheir ability, bnt in doiug this they aieed the support of tbeir fellows just ;as mach as they did on electiou day. Under onr system city goverumeut ■cannot be expected to be more than a good average of the public opinión of its citizens. In tbe interest of onr homes, onr public schools, tbe uuiversity and ali(otber interests, tbis average should be made as higb as possible and progressive. The letter pablished by our demporatie coutemporary and bearing tbe signature of "A Repnblicau" was writteu in the office of tLe said deuiocratic coutemporary aud by its d cratic editor. - Washtenavv Times. Neither tJie Argus editor nor anyone onnected with the office had anything to do directly or iudirectly with the proparatioo or writing of the above mentioned letter, uor was it prepared in the Argns office. The Argus kmw ïiothing at all of the letter uutil it was banded in by a prominent republicau politcian. The Argus .stated the whole trnth when it said that abont a dozen of the most prominent republicans of the city were back of the commnnication and bad to do witli its prnparation. The Argus reiterates that statement now, the editor of the Times to the contrary notwithstandmg. The Times made the statement quoted above ignoran tly and without one single atom of evidence to support the 4ald assertion.