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Death Of Robert Ailes

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He Had Been a Resident of Ann Arbor for Sixty Years and Was a Prominent Business Man.

Robert K. Ailes, the well known mill-wright, died this morning at 11:45. He had been in poor health all winter and his death was not unexpected. The time of the funeral has not yet been announced.

Mr. Ailes was the son of Amos and Elizabeth Ailes and was born in Lancaster county, Pa, in 1819. At an early age he was apprenticed to learn the trade of a mill-wright which he acquired so thoroughly as to become one of the most expert men in his line of business. His opinion was much sought after and recognized as an authority. In 1840 he removed to Jackson and after a short time removed to Ann Arbor. In those days the trade of a mill-wright was of great importance almost equal to that of a civil engineer. He was called to build and repair mills throughout Michigan. For a number of years he was a member of the firm of Tripp, Ailes & Price who conducted the foundry then situated on W. Huron st. , now occupied by the Fluff Rug factory. Mr. Ailes was a man of more than ordinary ability and his memory astonishing. Until recently he could recall the most minor details of former transactions and points in the conformation of the land where mills were situated. In 1868 he married Miss Huldah Ann Bently. She died some years ago. Three children, Mrs. Hattie Mahon, of Detroit. Miss Nettie Ailes, of this city, and Charles, of Washington survive Mr. Ailes. Mr. Ailes with the late Louis Moore, father of Eli Moore, of this city, learned their trade with Robert Sulton, of Fowlerfield, Chester county, Pa., a few miles from Chestnut Level, Mr. Ailes' home. With Mr. Sulton these two young men worked on many mills in eastern Pennsylvania. After Mr. Ailes came to Michigan Mr. Moore followed and their early friendship was renewed.