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The time of Justice Duffy's court vas occupied Wednesday with the ssanlt and battery case of Wah-hee, ie Chinese lauudry man, against B. f. Ross, a student in the .employ of ohn Henry, the State st. tailoi-, Cavanaugh & Wedemeyer appearing !or the oomplainant and Patriok Eagan nd two otber law students for Mr. ioss. The jury consisted of Elmer E. Beal, Wm. J. Aprill, Harris Ball, ester Oanfield, F. A. Oberst aud W. Ei Bowen. There was some difficnlty in inaking he Chinaman understand but by dint f ruuch efïort, and repetition his story 7as elicited as follovvs: Soon after he tarted J)is laundry Ross brought him ome work, the bill for which amoontd to 22 cents. Ross proruised to pay he bill that night but failed to do so. jater Ross brought four pairs of pants o be laundered, the bill amountiug to il. When he got tliis parcel he brought wo more pairs oí trousers. ms whole bilí amounted to $1.72 which ie did not pay. Lee, from that time n asked Ross for his money every ime. he saw him. Ji'inally on the 2 2d of March lasf, Lee went np to Mr. lenry's tailor shop to collect his bil1,, ie claimed Ross told him he had uo ruouey and swore at him calliiig him a d - Cbinatniin. At the same time Lee claims Ross strnek him iu the eye, knockiiig him dowu aud pntting him to sleep. He kuew notliing more uutil he woke up wheii he was beiug dragged down the stairs by another person. Iu the cross-examiiiatioii the foxy Chinese experienced soiue difficnlty iu uuderstaiidiug what was asked of him. The stadent attorney asked him if he knew what would happen to him if he swore falsely. Wah-Lee allowed he did not. As the student didn't either tbc question was dropped. Dr. Oarrow was bronght in as a witness by the prosecvttion. He said Yah-Lee had a bad, what isknown m the vevnacíular as a regular black eye, when he carne to him for treatment. He had received a rretty hard hit said the doctor. After giving his testimony thp doctor asked permission to speak to the Ohinaman aud astonisbed the gapiug eiowd by talking Ghineseïhe soumi of the two voices was so much like two chop sticks as aisything else. When Mr. Henry the tailor iu whose place the fracas occurred was put on the stand he tolcl a very different story. He said his attention was attracted to the hall by the noise aud as he stepped ouut Wah-Lee was iu the act of striking Ross over the shoulder with his umbrella, which blow broke the umbrella. Lee had sworn the umbrella was broken when he was knocked down by Ross. The secoud time Koss strnck Lee, Lee went down but immediately got up md sprang at Eoss' throat, instead of going to sleep as Lee testified. Mr. Henry said he took Lee by the shoulder and pnshed bitn toward the stairs and told him to get out. When Ross was sworn he testified in substauce the same as Henry, but when Constable Arthïir Sweet was sworn he testifled that Ross told hirn soon af ter the fracas in substance wbat the Chinaman testified to on the staud. Wah-Lee's attorneys made the most of the point that Ross bad not paid the bill and was angered at the Ohinamai for dunning him, and dwelt stronglj on the testimony oí the constable. Th jury found Ross guilty of the assault a charged. He was flued 5 aud costs.