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Comet Disintegrates

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A somewhat rare conjunctiou of ilanets next December has caused sonie believers in astroldgy to prediet that half or three-qnarters of the peoplo of the earth will die duririg this year and some have eveu predicted the eud of the world aud all beeause as they say Saturu, Venus, Uranus, Mars. Mercury and Júpiter will be clustered on one side of the earth, with only Neptune to balance, so to speak, on the other. Prof. Asaph Hall, jr. , of the chair of astronniy iu talking with a student correspondent said : '"Astrological predictioos are outgrown. There undoubtedly will bü a singular combination of the solar world daring the early days of December, and while the solar systeru at that time will present an uncommou j hase, it will by no means be a rare one. The phenomenon we are expecting occurs at regular intervals of about 50 years, and goes to demorstrate the f act that things may be in the same direction in space and not be near one another. Prognostioating astrologers give an entirely wrong idea of the situation. If the varions tnembers of the solar world were grouped in the forrn they predict, the effect wonld be treinendons and the solar system destroyed. As a matter of fact, the conditions will be these: All the plauets except Mercury and Neptune will be in 'conjunction,' that is to say, a straight line drawn from the earth türough the center of the sun would pass through, or very near, Júpiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus, though, as I have said, it is simply a curious combination and does uot mean anythiug significant." In reülv to the auestion as to the importance oí the current year in astrouoinical circles, Prof. Hall [said : "It is a year particularly franght with iuteresting phenornena. On Nov. 13, we will pass through one of the largest meteonu showers of modern times. A coinct will becoine disintegrated in the east, ■ and from rnidnight until dawn the heavens will present strange and beautiful sight to the world. The eclipses are merely a matter of routine. June T we will observe a partial eclipse of the sun, followed by a total eclipse of the moon on June 22. Tbe annular eclips? of the sun will occur on Dec. 2 and I sincerely hope we will exist long enough to see the eclipse oí the moou on Dec. Ifi. "