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Wireless Telegraphy

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Amoug the interesting experiments ried Friday for the amusement or nstrnction of the legislature was one by Prof. H. S. Carhart and Dr. Augustus Trowbridge at the , physical laboratory. It was au exhibition of wireess telegrapby. Signáis were seut hrough doors and partitions walls the whole leugth of the laboratory betweeu wo absolutely disconnected points. 3r, Trowbridge says that the method vvould work as woll betweeu the campus and the hospitals as for a few mndred feet in the laboratory. In 'act there was no limit to the distance excepting that caused by the curvature of the earth and signáis coula be sent between two towers any distance apart so long as the curvature of the earth did not intervene. The apparatus used for the experiments yesterlay, which proved highly successful, were made from newspaper ioiis of similar experiments inWasbirig on very recently. This kind .of telegraphy will be most nseful on water and will prove of more valué to Michigan than to rnost of the other states. 'he experiment impressed upon the minds of the legislators that the uuiversity faculty were alive to all the atest discoveries in science.