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That Joslin Lake Affair

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The drowuing iu Joshn lake in this county last fall is recalled by thefollowing from the Adrián Telegram : Mr. Albert Westphal, forraerly a resident of this city, but now living on a farm iu Bridgewater township, Washtenaw couuty, tells of the acoident as follows : He lives within half a mile or so of Joslin lake, a large boily of water, similar to Devil's lake, and about six miles from Manchester. November 10 last, abont dusk, he was crossing the lake in a row boat in company witn Wm. Sautter, Georgb Glotz and a eousin fïom Brooklyn, N. Y., named Louis Bischoff. The afternoon had been storruy. Bischoff was a little reckless and standing up in the boat, commenced rockiug it. He finally tipped the craft over, on a sand bar in about six feet of water. Then he irnruediately put out for shore, swhnming, the distauce being abont ': rods. üu either side of the bar was very deep water. . Sautter also made np bis iniud to swim for it, and succeeded in reachiug shore. Westphal stuck to the boat and assisted Goltz, who conld do but little in the water. They floated with the wind and soon reached sballow water and subseqnently the shore. Westphal, Sautter and Goltz came to gether on the bank, but Bischoff had entirely disappeared. The alarm was given and the Iaie was dragged from one end to the other. The work was kept up nearly every day, by from 25 to 50 inen nntil the water was frozen over, but no trace of Bischoff bas evei been found. Bischoff was a young man 21 years of age, an expert swirnmer and in the east had gaintd qoite a repntation foi his feats of daling in the water. He had on a pair of rubber boots that reached to his hips, and strapped abont the waist. It is hardly probable that he reached shore, yet the theory has been advauced that he did, and being humiliated by the fact that he had cansed the accident, had skipped out. Ibis theory is uot believed by the relatives. The pareuts iu the east have beard nothing of him nor have any of his friends anywhere. Ife is almost certain that the unfortnnate yonng niau's body is canght in the thick ?rowth of weeds iu the bottom of the ake. There was show on the ground, and is uo tracks raid be foaad, save those the three young men mentioned, it is not probable that be got away. The party had guns vvith tbem, and hnse wero fonud in sis feet of water on a sand bar.