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Sawed The Bar Into

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Rafftrey and Schnitter, two old ■offenders awaitng trial, nave been foiled by Sheriff Gillen in an attempt to break out of the oounty jail after having industrionsly and laborionsly filed one of the iron bars of the cage half way through. The jirisoners in the ,iail are allowed the freedom of the corridors inside the iron cage during the day, being locked in their cells at about 9 o'clock at night. Their plan was to break tnrough the iron cage and trnst to luck in a wild break for freedoin. The break would have been made before 9 o'clock and before they were securely locked in their cells. Oue of the iron bars in the cage had been sawed through at one end under a previous administraron. They uudertook to saw it through at the other end and escape through the narrow hole made by the removal of theTiar. They made a saw out of steel removed írom the bottom of a shoe. by meaus of a table knife Jwhieh they secreted some time before and stealthily worked in turn at eawing the bar as opportunity ofïered Saturday, Sunday and Monday during the honrs they had the freedom of the corridor. Tuesday morning Sheriff Gillen havins had his snspicions aroused, made a careful investigation and found where they had been at work aud the lower end of the bar half sawed throngh. They had made an effort to conceal their work by the application of grease. They were looked np and after considerable searching hiaing place of the saw and knife discovered. They are at present kept confined to a cell. Rafftrey is the ex-engiueer of a Zukey Lake launch, who is awaiting trial at the Washtenaw jail on the charge of stealing a bieyele from' Leon Shaw. Under the name of "William Miller he did five years in the Jackson prison for stealing guns. His various other aliases have been Thompson, Scott and Daily and his portrait adorns the Detroit roeue's allery. Jacob Schnitter is awaiting trial on the charge of stealing au overcoat from the house of Mrs. Stafford, immediately after the house was partially destroyed by fire. He has previously done time at Jackson for stp.aling. The two men had previously informed on each other in their efforts to make themselves solid with the sheriff. Some weeks ago Schnitter infornied the sheriff that Rafftrey had offered to pay him $200 to assist him to escape as soon a they got in Toledo. He wanted to get his wife, when she visited him, to smuggle in a saw, ■ a ohisel and some acid. Each man now lays it on the otber making the effort to escape but each was undoubtedly concerned in it. The sheriff has all alcng been keeping a watchful eye on these men with, as tüe outcome shows, excellent reasons for so doing.