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A Saline Banker

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The Lansing Kepubliean in its eonrt report of Friday says the ïolluvriiig of interest to Washtenaw conuty citizens: The three-curnered trausaction by which W. H. Davenport, the well known Saline bankeracqnired 65 shares of stock of the old Ingham Conuty Savings Bank was aired in the circa" conrt Friday. Mr. Davenport is suig to recover. The bil! filed by J. P. Lee and R. A. Moutgt-mery, the Saline bankers' attorney, is ;i voluminous one and is icathing in its allegations of frand. It allegf-s that wben Horton Longyear sold to Davenport the C5 shares of stock oriL inally belonging to Charles P. Downey, he was fnlly aware that the stock was worthless and that he had been heard to make the statement that he wonld not have it on the books of the bank in his name. It is also alleged that Mr. Longyear misrepresented the owcership of the stock and that Joseph E. Carroll, wbo was a prty to the deal entered iuto the frand as a agent. The defense enters a general denial to these allegations. Mr. Lee asks tbat Longyear be ordered to re-convey the land which Mr. Davenport traded for the stock with . 1,000 which hu also paid iu moijf y, and to refnud the money which the Saline banker was foroed to pay by order of the court, when the bank failed, as an assessment upon the stock.