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READ! MARK! LEARN ! Some Pertinent Questiens That Cau ie Aiiswered With Oue Keply. Why is it that Ann Artior with its suburbs, with acorubined population of l.OUO there is ouly one medicinal Dreparatlon w.hich irives statements from residents to back up its representations. Why is itthat üoan's Kidney Pilis do this inAnn Arbor, as well as every other city and town ofanyimportance in the union? Why is it that there are advertised in every newspaper a dozen remedies and only one cansupply localprool', local indorsation of its claims? The eolution of the problem is simpe. Only one remedy has the curing and the staying power. Other remedies make all kinds of gigantic yet f utile efforts to set local proof, but the attemptends in producfng a statement two trom places that as f ar as Ann Arbor is conoerned mig-ht as well be intue moon. Herein Ann Arbor proof which backs up the merits of Doan's Kidney Pilis. Mr. F. Wolter, of 1103 Forest avenue, carpenter, says: "Within the last two years I bean to have trouble with my kidneys, una in spite of all I could do jt continneil ai'd gradually grew worse. It seemed to bu ii.ore of a weakness of the kidneys and a loss of control over the secreuons. At times when niy work necessitated my looking up or working over my head, I was taken with spells of dizziness. I tried different remedies but they did not givo me any relief. When a friend advised me to use Doan's Kidney Pili?, I got a box at Eberbach & Son's drug store and began to use tliem. I feit better from the start and they did me more good than alL the other medicine I ever took. I have no hesitation in recommending Doan's Kidney Pilis for I consider thein to be a thoroughly reliable and honest kidney remedy. n' Doan's Kidney Pilis for sale ly all dealers. Price 50 cents per box. Sent by mail on receipt of price. FosterMilburn Co.,soleagents for the United States, Buffalo, N. Y. Eemember the name DOAN'S and take no other. JWichiganíTbntrai " The Niágara Fallt Route." ' - i CENTRAL STANDARD TIME ' Taking Effect January 29, 1S99. GOING EAST. Detroit Night Ex 5 55 a. m. Atlantic Express 7 45 Grand Rapids Ex 11 10 Mail and Expres9 3 47 p. m. ' N. Y. & Boston Sp'l 4 58 FastBastern 9 43 GOINU WEST. Mail & Express 8 40 a. m. Boeton, N. T. & Oh 9 10 ] Fast Western Ex 1 38 p. m. G. R. & Kal. Ex 5 45 j Chicago Night Ex 9 43 Pacific Express 12 30 1 O.W .BUGGLES H. W. HAYES, Q.t. ï. Agent (JaioaKo. A'i Ann Arbor AND STEAMSHIP UNES. TIME TABLE. Taking Effect Nov. 17, 1898. Tralns leave Ann Arbor bv Central Standard time NORTH. SODTH. 8:43 a. M. 7:35 A. M, 12:35 P. M. 11:25 A. M. 4:56 P. M. 8:46 P. u. Traína marked thue ruó between Ann Arbor and Toledo only . E. S. GJXMORE, Apen W. H. BENNETT G. P. A. p R. WILLIAMS, AtonfiT at Law and Pension Ciaia MtaeT, MILAU, MICO Conveyancinfr and Collections. Spectacles Properly Fitted At a Low Price and Guaranteed. SALISBURY'3 DRUG STORE, Hurón St., Cook House Block. MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF MINES. A State Technical School. Practical work. Elective system. Summer term. Every gradúate employed. For catalogues, showing oceupation of graduates, address Mrs. Francés Scott, Secretary, Houghton, Mich. i Need c L Horses 5 Once i and will allow good price j for them to apply on piano J or organ purchase. m I ANN ARBOR MUSIC CO. 205-207 E. Wash. St. m Mi CURES WHERE ALL ELSEfAlLS. Kíi tmá Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Gootl. Uso Ín time. Suld by drugint. gf