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The ejectment case of Archibald McNichol vs. Lncy D. S. Parker carne to a sudden termination in the cironit court yesterday afternoon, a verdict being ordered for the defendant by the court. An order was made giviug the plaintiff 20 days in which to move for a new trial. This moruiug the cases of L. L. James vs. Zenas Sweet et al., Edward Croarkin vs. Zenas Sweet et al., Patriek Sloau vs. Zenas Sweet et al. , were continued on application of defeudaut upon the payment of $5 term fees. The court theu took up the case of Philip Fohey vs. the Toledo Ice Co. This is a case in ejectment. Accordiug to the plaintiƶ's testimony, he purchased a farm adjoining Whitrnore Lake in 1884. A certain piece of bis land, along the lake shore, 12 or 14 rods wide and 50 or 60 rods long which he snpposed was covered y his deed he discovered some yeai's later was not inciuded. He, however, considered it as belonging to the land and cut wood on it and exercised fnll control over it without let or hindrance from any one np to Oct. orNov., 1897. About tlmt time the Toledo loe Co. commenced to bnild a railroad on the land. He warned the company to cease work as the land belonged to him. Work was stopped for a time but was later resumed the track being corupleted across the land in spite oi the objectious of plaintiff. The Ice Co also built a shute for ice on the land and a watch house. The snit is brought to compel the Ice Co. to vacate the property.