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Just a cough

Not worth paying attention to, you say. Perhaps you have had it for weeks.
It's annoying because you have a constant desire to cough. It annoys you also because you remember that weak lungs is a family failing.
At first it is a slight cough.
At last it is a hemorrhage.
At first it is easy to cure.
At last, extremely difficult.

Ayer's Cherry Pectoral

quickly conquers your little backing cough.
There is no doubt about the cure now. Doubt comes from neglect.
For over half a century Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has been curing colds and coughs and preventing consumption. It cures Consumption also if taken in time.

Keep one of Dr. Ayers Cherry Pectoral Piasters over your lungs if you cough.

Shall we send you a book on this subject, free ?

Our Medical Department.

If you have any complaint whatever and desire the best medical advice you can possibly obtain, write the doctor freely. You will receive a prompt reply, without cost.
                      Address, DK. J. C. AYER.
                                          Lowell, Mass.



                        ANN ARBOR RAILROAD

                        AND STEAMSHIP LINES.

                                 TIME TABLE.

                        Taking Effect Nov. 17, 1898

        Trains leave Ann Arbor by Central Stand and time.

                        NORTH.                   SOUTH .
                      8:43  A. M.                     *7:25 A. M.
                    *12:35 P. M.                    11:25 A. M.
                       4:56 P. M.                      8:45 P. M.
                     †9:05 A. M.                     †8:05 P.M.

*Trains marked thus run between Ann Arbor and Toledo only.
†Trains marked thus run between Toledo and Howell and on Sunday only.
                                      E. S. GILMORE, Agent.
    W. H. BENNETT G. P A.



                                MICHIGAN CENTRAL
                             " The Niagara Falls Route."

                             CENTRAL STANDARD TIME

                             Taking Effect January 29, 1899.

                                        GOING EAST.

     Detroit Night Ex          5 55 a. m.
     Atlantic Express         7 45
     Grand Rapids Ex      11 10
     Mail and Express       3 47 p. m.
      N. Y. & Boston Sp'l    4 58
      Fast Eastern              9 43

                                        GOING WEST.

       Mail & Express                8 40 a. m.
      Boston, N. T. & Ch           9 10
      Fast Western Ex              1 38 p.m.
      G. R. & Kal. Ex                 5 45
      Chicago Night Ex             9 43
      Pacific Express                12 30

                O.W.RUGGLES       H. W.HAYES,
           G. P.  T. Agent Chicago.            Agt. Ann Arbor