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Real Estate Transfers

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Wm. Ellsworth and wife to D. L. White and wife, Ann Arbor, $4,200.

Wilhelmina Wilson to George McElhan, Ypsilanti, $2,000.

Louise M. Campaign to Elizabeth Fletcher, Ypsilanti, $1,900.

John Minnis and wife to William A Moon, Ypsilanti, $850.

William Moon and wife to John P. Minnis, Ypsilanti, $1,800.

August Grayer et al. to Henry C. Meuth, Ann Arbor, $300.

George H. Smalley to Joseph B, Hudson, Manchester, $660.

Jeremiah Dealy to Jay Corey, Manchester, $2,500.

John Klanisher to Emilie Klanisher, Webster,$1.

 Mathias Stein and wife to Stephen J. Miller, Ypsilanti, $35.

William A. Berrey to Minnie E. Miller, Ypsilanti, $1.

Edward Duffy to A. B. Wood, Ann Arbor, $1,000.

Mary L. Latson et al. to Seymour Leslie, Webster, $2,000.

John F. Lawrence, to Alex E. Gibson, Ann Arbor, $250.

Maria S. Durheim to Jos. H. Freeman, Ann Arbor, $200.

August H. Mensing et al. to H. H. Avery and wife, Chelsea, $135.

Sarah Wood to H. H. Avery and wife, Chelsea, $1,200.

Elisha Congdon, by heirs, to M. M. Boyd, Chelsea, $1,200.

John G. Koch, jr., to C. J. Schleh, Lodi, $2,500.

Albert Griffin and wife to L. J. Forester Brewing Co., Ypsilanti, $25.

George C. Richel to L. J. Forester Brewing Co., Ypsilanti $1,600.

Nelson H. Wing and wife to Edmund B. Tyler, Dexter, $400. 

John Long, by attorney, to Edmund B. Tyler, Dexter, $1.

Peter Cook and wife to Ann Arbor Railway Co., York, $1.

Kate Arnold et al. to S. M. Hollis, Northfield, $300.

Elvira Clough to Chas. F. Horn, Ypsilanti, $1.

Chas. Henninger to Mary E. Henninger, Ypsilanti, $1.

Oliver J. Perrin and wife to H. Vogeling, Freedom, $1,675.

Frank Spafford and wife to Harriet Chubbuck, Manchester, $800.

James E. Coy, by administrator,. to A. J. Waters, Manchester, $1,000.

James E. Coy, by administrator to A. J. Waters, Manchester, $1.

B. Frank Boyce to Andrew J. Boyce, Lyndon, $400.

John Lee to Charles Warner, Dexter, $800.

George W. Marsh and wife to Webster P. Lane, Salem, $1.

Johnathan Josenhans and wife to Leonard Josenhans et al. , York, $7,000.

Agnes Howard, guardian, to Henry Paul, Northfield, $1.

John B. Corliss to Raney C. Scott, Ann Arbor, $25.

Adeline L. Sprague to Irwin S. Moore. Ann Arbor, $1.

D. W. Springer and wife to Grove J. Ray and wife. Ann Arbor, $600.

Wm. M. White, deceased, to D. W. I Springer and wife, Arm Arbor, $1200.

Burnett Steinbach and wife to Cora Brooks, Chelsea, $20.

Merchant Brooks and wife to Henry J. Mensing, Chelsea, $100.