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Two New Buildings

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This inorning's Detroit papers con;ain the following additional parfcicuars of the passage of the one-quarter mili Uuiversity tax: Rep. Waterbury, of Oakland connty, was the only mau that took the floor agaiust the bilí, and Reps. Cartón, Chamberlain, Lusk, Cheever, Diugley and Heinenian all made eloquent ad f or the state's greatest institution. Cartón eaid that a man rnight sena au express package to "John Jones, Ann Arbor, " with no other address, from any corner of the Englishspeaking world, and it would go straight to Ann Arbor, Mich., so 'anions has tne university made the own. Even Uncle Ben. Colvin made a good speech for the bilí, sayiug he lad never been to school bnt 80 days u bis life but he wanted the youug uen and women of today to have educatioual advantages. It was first considered in cornmitteb of the whole, and wnen the committee arose the ■ules were suspended on Dudley's motion, and it was passed at once. An imendmeut was added on Cflauubttrain's motion, so as to give the university the benefit of the increase in 1899. Representative Dingley called attention ;o the fact that the state appropiiates ïalf a mi Ilion every year to take care of the insane and that it ought not to begrndgo half that araonn't to inijrove the minds of its men and wonieu. Daan Hutchius, Secretary Wade and Dr. R. S. Copeland, of the university were in Lansing, and were delighted with the passage of the bilí. The increased incorne will enable the regents to Duild a science building and homeopathie hospital. There are now two jospitals, both of whicb are crowded. Che present homeopathie hospital will )e turutid over to the i'egular school, and a new oue will be built, probably across from the gymnasium, on the corner of N. University and Washtenaw aves.