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It's Hard To Give Up

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It is very hard for the Detroit homeopathie physician forruerly connected with the homeopathie departnient to give up the idea of the removal of the homeopathie departrnent to Detroit, althongh they have not reoently been making much progress. At the meet ing of the Michigan State Homeopahic Society held in Detroit, the president of the society in his annnal message, recommended the removal of the homeopathie department at the nniversity frotn Ann Arbor to Detroit. The comtnittee to consider the message struck out this aud recommended instead the endorsement of the homeopathie school in Ann 'Arbor and the establishment of a pathogenetic laboratory here. Dr. MoLachlau, whose confirmation as a member of the state board was secured by his promise to cease agitation of the subject opposed the society holding its next session here as the doctors niight get too good an idea of the good work being done by the college here. JSow that the new homeopathie hospital is to be bailt here, the Detroit workers see that another good reason is apt togrovv np against the removal of the department to Detroit, they are casting longing eyes towards the $25,000 which was once appropriated for tne removal of the department to Detroit and are pashing the appropriation of another $25,000 to be put with this 'or the erectiou ofa homeopathie hospi;al in Detroit.