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Monday afternoon che time of the ciĆ­ oiit comt has beeu occupied with the -aiseof the Toledo IcejCo. vs. Frank Mun ger. Sorue time in Febrnary last 1 of the employees of the Ice Co. sued the company for their wages and obtained a jndgment, the company not defending. Later one of these employees placed his jtidgment amonnting to f 13 and some cents and $9 costs in the hands of Deputy Sheriff Mnager. He levied on some of the compauy's property to satisfy the jndgment. And the present suit in repleviu is brought to recover possession of the property. The contention in the matter is over the question of the location of the cornpany's business office and who their agent i.s. The papers ui tha snit; of the men for their wages were served on Oarnsey who appears to transact the business at Whitmore Lake, put the company claims he is nofc their agent but that E. S. Gilmore, of this city, is their agent anrl the papers shoald have been served on him and conseqnently that the judgment against the company was not valid. The case is still in progress.