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Lindenshmitt & Apfel

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MODERN CLOTHERS Whether , . . . . Fo[ Business or Press Wear ; You will find just the rightly rut clothes here, Ready-to-Wear ! that any first-class custom tailor would charge you doublé th price for. We've all the fashionable styles ir. .the garments as well as the fabrics, and you have the advantage of trying Í on the clothes made up, so that you can teil whether they are becoming before you buy them. 'Tis not so with Clothes Made-to-Order. j : = - There you take all the risk, the tailor none. Here, we take Í all the risk, and you none, not even after you've paid the money, because you can get your money back if you 're dissatl 'isfied. S Take a Look at our Suits at ÏT2Ï0, 11.3.J1 iiF$15.00.