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The Freight Business

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Tlie freight traffic of the Detroit, Ypsilauti & Aun Arbor railway, says tüe Tribnne, proruises to be a splendid aurt profitable brauch of the business of tbat line. Every day two shipments are made trom its offlco depot on (Jrisvvold st., ana two shipmems are received back at the same place. The receipts from inbonnd freigbt averages $10, and for outbound freight, about $25per day, and it is expected tbat the total receipts will b iDcreased to more tban f 100 per day by June, 1900. Ann Arbor takes about half the freight, and Ypsilanti is next in volume, but shipments to Wayne are daily increasing. A good deal of tbe freight consista of vegetables and groceries, aithongh truuks and all light articles nsually carried iu express cars on steam railroads are also taken. Soinetime ago the pólice complainea that the handliug of freight in the Wall street of Detroit was an obstruction to the business of that thorougbfare, but tbe manager told Supt. Martin that when the wbolesale houses on Jefferson ave. ceased to block up the sidewalks -with goods that he would also stop doing so.