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Tbe Daily Argns understands that the state board of education has severa! men onder consideration for the presidency of the state normal schools of the state. This position is ona of sucb importance that the coinpensation can be placed at snch a figure as to attract flrst class abihty. For the right rúan a salary of $5,000 a year will probably be paid. Variotis ñames have beeu mentioued in counection with the place. Among these ñames is one from Aun Arbor, that of Dr. B. A. Hinsdale, of the chair of the Scieuce and Art of Teaching, in the uuiversity. Dr. Hinsdale is one of the brainiest men in the teachers' profession in tb is country. There are few, if any, who are better acquainted with the psychology of the teachers work than he and he has had wide experience in the class [rcom and in execntive work. He wonld make an admirable head for the whole system of normui Bchools ot the state. It is not kuowu whether the place bas auy attractions to him or not. Another name that has been mentioned for the place is that of Dr. David Eugene Smith, president of the Brockport state normal school of New York He was forinerly professor of mathematics at Ypsilanti and before that at the Court land normal school of New York. He is a ripe scholar,an experienced normal s;hool man and in all ways fitted for the position. Bnt it is tuonght he would be unable to get away from his present position. There has been soine. correspondence with him but his inclinations are not known to the Argns. Snpt. A. S. vhitney, of Saginaw, e. s. , who was recently made inspector o1 high schools and assistant professor of pedagogy in the university, has also been talked of, but his election to the above mentioned position removes him from the list. Supt, David McKenzie, of Muskegon, is auother. Mr. McKenzie is a gradúate of the university and has been a very snccesasful high school principad and superintendent of city scnool. He is an able man and has a high reputation as a successfnl teacher and exeoutive. L. C. Jones, superintendent o: schools at Cleveland, and formerly at Indianapolis, is also talked of. Mr Jones is a trained normal school man and an able educator. He was super inendent of the Indianapolis schools a tbe time Dr. Eice wrote his famons articles for tbe Forum in which he said the Indianapolis schools veere the best in the country. He is practically an antocrat at Cleveland where be has been as successful as at Indianapolis. Another raan toward whom there is said to be some leaning is Dr. Arnoic Tompkins.of the University of Illinois at Champaign. Dr. Tompkins is a man of broad scholarship, a delightful pnb lic speaker and an all round succestsfu educator. He was iormeriy connected for a number of years with th6 state normal school at Teire Haute, Indiana Supt. C. N. Kendall, of the New Haven, Conn., public schools has also been mentioned ior the placn. Mr. Kendali is a gradúate of Hamilton college, and was for a number of years Superintendent of schools at Jackson and Bast Saginaw. Mr. Kendall is known as a popular and highly successful superintendent, a student and a man of broad culture. He is a man of fine presence and equal to any position ho would accept. Dr. Leonard, of the Syracuse university is also mentioned. He is said to De an able man and well fitted for the position. From among this array of promineni educators it ought not to be difficnlt to select a man who will fll the place in all respects. A salary of $5,000 would probably attract any of them provided the position is to their taste. The position is easily the econd in Michigan in the educational line anc shuuld command first class ability.