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An Insane Asylum

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The present condition uf the insane asylums in Michigan is deplorable m that they have not room for the patients deserving admission. At the present time there are six, three men and three vvomen who are vpaiting aaraission. The men are confined in the jail and the women are taken care of by their friends. It is crtainly improper to keep the iusane in the jail, but what can be done. Jadge of Probate Newkirk makes the snggestion that an additioa be bnilt to the couaty honse snfficiently large to take care of all of the iusane of the county, and that this department of the county house be placed in charge of the physiciaus of the unlversity. This wonld mean the best up-to-date treatment for the afflicted. Judge Newkirk fnrther says tbat he does not think the yearl; expense would be greater, if as great, as at present. The pruposed change wonld also be of great benefit to the. students giving them a practical opportuuity of stcidying and aidiug' the distressed.