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Are Out Of The Woods

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wednesday evening Judge Kinne filed an opiniĆ³n in the well known caso of Ueorge W. Hayes vs. W. H. Sweet. Harlow C. Wells, et al, dismissing the petition to reopen the claim of Hayes against the members of the Ypsilanti Business Men 's Association. This case arose from tne rnn away team of a'sprinkling wagon of the association, killing Hayes' infant sou. The matter was settled at the time and the petition was for Me pnrpose of setting aside this settlement and trying the case in court. Judge Kinne stated in his opnion that he fonnd nothing that was unfair or that deception was used in making the settlement. Hayes had worked for ex-senator Huston, an intelligent business man, and the settlement had been done under the advice and counsel of the senator He was therefore largely goverued by the senator's testimony. The Judge, while he could not uudertake to say that the compensation was sufficient for the loss of the child, a defiuite sum was better than litigation over the matter with possible failure to recover any thing. Tlielaw favored amicable settlement of sueh difEerences where possible and as this settlement seemed to have been made in good faith he did uot feel that this case shonld be reopened. He therefore must dismiss the petition but without loss to the complainaut.