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He Ate Up His Salary

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Willard Stearn?, mayor of Adrián, original silverphobist, writer of sharp sayings inl the Adrián Fress, hardest kicker on proposed change of superintendeuts at the reform school for girls and great admirar of one Grover Cleveland, was invited by the rotund mayor of ïpsilanti with the fog hora voice, to help hita celébrate the glorions Fonrth in the Greek city. Now, an invitatiou like that is too good a thing for Stearns to ever decline. He took it in of course aud incidentally he took in Maycr Allen also. Allen knew of conrse that Willard was a great silverite, bnt he did not know, what it would have been more to his financial advantage to have known, that the said Stearns is also a great eater. The genial Captain Allen, of course, wanted to do his duty by his guest in dne form and he, therefore, ordered a dinner for his gnest at the Hawkins house. He told the laudlord that he proposed to spend his whole year's salary as mayor of Ypsilanti on that Stearns dinner. The laudlord accordingly laid ir.mself out and gave Allen his dinner on oredit. Stearns made a speech just bofore the dinner hour, and anyone whu aas ever heard bim talk knows that He exhausts the vital principie in a jonsiderable amount of fuel in the effort. Imraediately after the orat'on Stearns and Allen went in to dicjer. The landlord being an Obio man was all smiles over his distinguished guest. But as the meal progrPised bis change ui conntenance was kaledioscopic. It gradually d.wned upon hiiu thal Stearns' pwers of consuinption were like the r ercy of the Lord. He was, however, fiually removed from the table while the landlord declared another bargain like the one he made with Capt. Allen would send him back to ühio and drive him into politics.