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Vici Kid

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► pteB C yKIDS C f is the mellowest, handsomeest, most lasting of all kids. It takes a better C r polish and keeps it longer. It is warmer and dryer. [ Vlei Dressing y puts, new life into the old kid shoes, and C C keeps it in the new kid shoes. Withit, used as directed, kid shoes should be good twice # as long as without it. C I Vici Poüsh ! % brightens any kid as no other polish can. L A lasting polish. Easy as winking to put it L C on. They are all the result of special # # ses known only to and operated by Robert f H. Foerderer. # This week we are teaching shoeeconomy C C from proper dressing. The lesson learned will give doublé life to shoes. All free of C ? charge. % f WAHR & MILLER C THE SHOE MEN, 218 S. MAIN ST., - ANN ARBOR. S