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Helber Vs. Judson

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A new ruler has sprung up ín Washtenaw couuty who threateiis to dethrone the almost oíanipotent Billy Jndson and it all arises over 'he McMillan-Alaer senatorial contest. Heretofore it was supposed that the redonbtable Billy heïdasway over Wasbtenaw republicans like Rockefeller in the Standard Oil trust or similar to the power of a first class cook in a suburbau home, but the eutrance of the uew feature in Michigan 's politics has caused a sudden change which accounts íor the great activity of the present state oil inspector. Pingree is íor Alger. Jndsou is for Pingree and Pingree is íor Judson. That makes Judson and all his appointive power for Alger, and he is at present werking the appoiutments of depntyships under his office to that degree of perfection that none who canuot repeat the lecture of the first degree will be admitted to the anointed list of Pingree officehoiders. Up to date and inclnding Lieut. Green 's seleotion as assistant inspector-general, Judson has just 18 of the greatest hustlers of Washtenaw who have.or who are.milkiug the state treasury iu return for adequate services perfortned. It4is a pretty good inachiue for one county, but Judscn was not content and d'esired to add tbe 32 census enuinerators to his list. That is tbe number who will be appointed to count the woes of the county and if he could secure the right men it would grease up the cogs of the machine in wondertul shape. He tackled Congressman Hauk Smith. Smith said he was in the wholesale business only and that Comraitteeman Eugeue Jdelber was his authurized agent for this county. Then Judsón went to Helber to see if thiugs conld not be arranged all right and everything work harmouious. And right here is where he banged up against a brick waJl. Helber was going to do a little dictatiug himself. Jadson reminded Hm of all the battles Thpy had goue through and won, but Helber couveyed tbe impression that he had been advauceed from a ;iucy to at least a coloneloy aud that he was coiurnancling a reginieut that would be as stroug on the next line-up asJudsou's rough riders Then Jndsou resorted to more plain talk as to what might be doue to Smith if he clicin't get what be wanted. Helber annouuced that if Jie started to fight Scnith there could beonly one ioser anti his name wouldn't coinmence with "H" or "S." Judson wanted to know wby all tuis was and was told that he (Judsou) was simply representiug Alger-Pingree, while Mr. MoMillan was entitled to soiiie reoognitiou. - In other, words, if the actious of Coramitteemau Helber are any criterion, McMillan cao connt ou the support of Congressman Smith. Helber is an editor of a Germán paper with a large circulation and is feared more thau the whole buneh ot Bewspaper men of Washtenaw connty combined. He nas practically announced his McMillan for senator and to off-set Judson's machine, will see that none bnt McMillan men are appoiuted for census enumerators. Besides tuis there is the postmastership ot Ypsilanti to be nlled his fall, and that will ent as much of a figure as any appoiutment Jndson has received from the governor. All effortsof Judson to get a pieoe of the game flying aronnd trom the Washington preserves seern to be without avail, while auybody outside of Judson caauot riug up the governorvs private telephone. It looks like a merry war beiween Judson aud Helber for the supremacy of Washtenaw republicanism. If Billy eau hury the Oerman editor at the outset aud cut his career short, nobody will doubt that he r,vill try aud aeaomplish it. IfHelber can Cíist iato oblivion tberadiantlywhiskered present boss he will be a bigger man than Judson hirn.self ano that meaus a good deal especially to tlnose who have so unsoccessfully but constantly fought the ex-sheriff for two years. It is Judson vs Helber and Helber vs. JudsoD. -