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Whitmore Lake

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Wm. Winans is confined to the house by a severe sickness. Tbp, Misses Kearney, of Ann Arbor, are the guests of Miss Mae Dunlop. Two hundred couples attended the Clifton house dance on thu night of July 4. Mrs. John Hess and daughter, of Shepherd, will spend a week visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Todd. Mrs. Dodge, of Langsburg, and Mrs. Glover, of Kentucky, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Dodge. We are pleased to note a marked improvement in Prof. Lunjbard whose life was dispaired of last week. Wm. Stevens, of Ann Arbor, has his cottage at the lake nearly completed and will occupy it next week. It is a beauty. During Prof. Lumbard's illness Jay Pray was chosen by the male quartet to fill his place and it has proved a wise selection. Cbas. A. Pray and John Wesinger went fishing on Whitmore Lake Friday morning and in just three hours caughi 27 large black bass. The Pray Bros., bailders, keep 20 carpenters and tour ttiasons busy every day in the week in order to complete this seasonn contracts. Mrs. Annie Vankirk, (nee Suiith) of St. Pací, Mr. and Mrs. Skeells, of Oleveland, O., and Miss Allys Sixiith, of Jackson, are guests of Mrs. Maria Stevens. The New State Telephone Co. have their poles set to Whitmore Lake and iu a few days you will be able to here the "Hello, is that you Anu Arbor, please give rue the Argus office. " Last week while working on the Latsou baru, Ecl. Beckwith feil from oue oL the girts, cutliug a gash in his face and spraining his wrist which lairt him up for a week bnt is out aeain. Mrs. D. A. Fray, of Livingston, Mich,, en loute to join her husband in California, stopped off at Whitmore Lake fur a week to visit Mr. Pray's relatives. Mr. fray is a gradúate of the U. of M. and went to California on account of poor heaith which we aie advised is improving in the balmy California olitnate. Last week while the carpenters wcre cutting the brakets off the roof of Wm. Latson's barn,one of the brackets, an oak timber 24 inches and 16 feet long feil froiD the roof and slruck Mr. Latson on the head, knocking him down but fortunately the force of the falling timber was broken by its striking a race and Mr. Latson gofc off with a severe scalp wonnd. Au interview with the farmers in Northfield elicited the folowing: Chas. Kapp siys wheat is about one-fourth of a erop. Gottheb Smith says hay is of excellent qnality, and a fair erop. Jb'red Zeeb says the prospects are good for an extra yield of beans. E. E. Leland says the corn erop does not look very flattering and they all agree that the prospects for eider is excellent as there will be a good crop of apples. Wm. Latson, of Webster, accidentally struck Jay G. Pray on the head with an axe while working on the formers new barn, cutfcing a gash six ïuuhes long. Dr. Lemon put six stitches in it aud Jay says he is as good as new. This was a very narrow escape for Mr. Pray as Latsou was on the outside of the barn and Pray on the inside. When they were enttiug an opening foi a door Pray stooped down acd Latson thought he bad gone away and just as he Btruck, Pray raised up and canght the blow square on the bead and the reason that his head was not split open was that Latson was in a cramped place and conld oñly get a short swing with the axe