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Wm. Judson's Big If

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"The state oil inspectorship," said tbeastute Judson Monday,";jusfc suits me. Ifloan saveruy salary of 1 1,500 a year for two years I will aave $3,000. 111 be then - Iets see, 57, 59. Time to retire. That 3,000 with a Jittle moro I have and with earniug a little hare and there ought to keep niu. What more do I want. What do I care who is ooijgressman or who holds county office. Time to retire." And there was only the siighest suspicion of a wink in that lcfú eye. J Wnen asked if he had seen that Wortley, of Ypsilanti, had said that Judson laiü claims to securing appointments af ter tbey were made he asked, "Did yon ever hear me claim that I ever got any appoiutmeut. Wortley got them, didn't he?" And agaiu there was jnst the least suspicion of that wink in the unruly eye.