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Ypsilanti Paving

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At the meeting of the psilanti comrnou conncil last eveuiug the advocates of the paving of Congress st. met with au tmexpected cliecK. A committee considered the bifls ou the work handed in by vari ons concerns about the state, and deoided to recommend to the oouncil that the offer of Roward Sr, Bogert, of JacksoĆ¼, to lay the pavement for $16,665 be accepted. The opponeuts of paviug did raissionary work and a ruajority of the aldermen present were prepared to down any rneasures which might be offered on the snbject. The D , Y. & A. a. eleotric road is strongly oppoed to the paving of Congress et., which is the thoronghfare by which they enter the city, and a nnraber of the most inflneutial propert owners on the street are also in the ranka of the antis. The matter will be bronght up at the next meeting, when all the aldermen will be present and the paving advocates are confident of victory.