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Cl'T THIS AD . ■....Jiiw. OO ns,odif jou live S i-n .Uhlp700mllíBOf Chie5o, wewlIUendjonthl.TOPBCGGY Bt FRKIGHT E. O. D. V U'-jjgí Á . irBJBCT TO BXAMINAT1ON, jon can lamine It ut jour Trelghl depol and ""? V A Wffll Lfï PERFECTLY 8ATISFACT0RY, KXACTLY AS BKPRKSKMED, KQIAL TO BlHUItS X N MMÍ rHAT RKTAILAT60.00to 76.00 .d THE QRAHDEST BARGAIN TOUEVERSAW, L miÍ C= pl, tho frcight .een OUR SPECIAL PRICES38.9O, sTWB-J%j&ÊMk- and freight charges, less the LOO sent with order. - l- S XMBofm !V (TV WE M AKE THIS TOP BUGGY? "SgB BÉS ■fiflA makers put in 75.00 buggies. Latest Style For 1899. Bo.iy, t-k&ifëSS Si-- Hx54 from tho Best Seasoned Wood. flcr, Best That Money Can lpW"JÖjp S_ IFWi fMC! - Build. End Spring., as illustrated, or Brewster SideBar. Wheels, V'U-rvTWOFTV vKV High Grade Screwed Kim Sarven's Patent. Top, 24 ounce, Daily V I-VAW VCAflX Rubber Heartly Lined, full side and back curtains. Palnllng, viOaajÜM .yiSIYlm A teed equal to any 160.00 buggywork, Body black, Geardark green nTJ-S 7' sTj Lsá' or Red. CpholuteriiiR, heïT prpen Frnch bodj cloth or Esn- Leather. ' S38.9O IS OUR SPECIAL PRICE for top nuggj complete, wldo or nnrrow track, roll lenith slde nd bitk tnrtin, slni- ■pran, e.-irpVt,"Tr"nch, sntl.ratllers nd shafti. QUARANTEED TWO YEARS will last a lifetime. For Eo;?le tí 15.0Ó nj op, writf. FOR frkf, BirfifiY CATAtOfirE. YOU CAN MAKE $500.00 Thia Year Selling ÖUR S3S.90 BUOGIES. ORDER ONE TO-DAY, YOU CAN SEIL, ÏT FOil $60.00. DON'T BELAY. Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), CHICAGO, ÏLL.