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An Editor Disappears

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Ypsilauti, Mich., Ang. 1. - (From a staft' correspondent.) - W. Jb. Croeker left his fatner-in-law's resideuce Saturday rnoruiug at 8 o'clock and said be would be back to pack his trnnk in time so he and his wife could catch the train for Eaton Rapids where Mr. Croeker is editur and proprietor of the Eaton fíapids Record. He did not return and nothiug particularly strauge was tiionght of it. His wife went there alone and not finding him there paid olï the uien. For some time he has coruplained of severe paius in his head and it is thought that his mind may have becoine effe'cted. lu au interview witb bis brother-in-law, Chas. M Hemphill, bestated to the reporter tbat there are no finaucial reasons why be should have left in this way. While here he sent a draft of $12 and a draft of $6 to frieurls he had been doiug business with in paynieut of accounts wbich had become due. He had $Ü in his puckets wben he lf-ft. Nothing has been heard ot him siuce he left and it is thonght that his mind may be effected. He wasseen to board a west bouud train at Ann Arbor Satnrday in au apparently demented condition and trace uf biro was lost at Chelsea.