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Cut Ihls ad. out and .end te, US wlth SI. 00, an.l-ewills.ndjouthl.SEW % W ïffi mi'KOVKl) ÁCSIK QUKKK l'AKMIR OIWAN, bjfrelghtC. O. I)., subject to ÍÍUUJE29 - tegg==f Bfc I eiamlnatlon. Yon can examine it at yournearest frcitíht depot, ygjvyQ'K iiiühf youfindit cinotlj u rcpresented, equal to organs tnat iaUMHblWMBMMlMMI retail at #75.00 to 100.00, thegreatest valuó youever saw and U rijMJ H Car better than organa advertised by others at more money, pay Ï [■ S3I.75 IS OÜR SPECIAL 90 DAYS' PRICE ..fS 11 ELJfl B íKIHiiH?IHr= áj Oí IB iBenirraveddirectfromaphotograph.youcanfornisomeideaofits "OB f ..tí j[t ESIbH b.-autitiil appearance. Mude trom (olld quurter awed AB nSSSTI MjUPBlm oak. antiauetlnish.handBomelydeooratedandornamented, jMMBBI RiOB lote.t ÍS! style. THK ACnB 4CKEÜ is 6 feet 6 inchee high, C ==igqTyra (2 inches long, 23 inches wlde and weigha 850 pounds. !■ J1 ' JW tains j octaves, 11 stops, as follows: Diapasón, Principal, MU tÏSBI FU Muirían. Jlclodla, Celeste, Cremona, Ba8 Couuler, Trelilc jCM ■!■ I v.npli-r, Dlaiíaaon Forte and Yin Humana; a Octave 1'ouplrrs, fmf WÊi B1'A lTuneSwfl!, 1 Uruud Organ Swell, 4 Sets Orchtitral Toned k mtffSSSSH KjH KrwnalorrlMpegualltyKeed, 1 Set or 87 Puro Swect Belodla IS SSSsfiSSöiöHi " ■BlHTumil ■L,-,.ls, 1 Set oral ( liiirinlnp]) Brllllnt C.lota Reeds, 1 Set of BB g=l'Ml HflKÍ. 21 llicli Jlellow Siuiiotli Diapasón Reeds, 1 Set of 24 Pleuülng faSSS T KnHB ■ HD VKSS SoftlH.idlonsPrlnelpnl Reeds. THE ACME ÚEEN f -=4=Í==-_ M IH'IhF tlonconsistofthecolebratedSe-ellHeedj.whichareonly IM ESaag S4'H used in the highest grade Instruments; fltted with VHRMl HnWjM BH jMiJM mond touilers and Vol Humana. alo best Dolgo felts. ,IEÍ7ÍMLBmE UÍÍVh leathers, etc., bellowB of the beat rubber cloth,3-ply JtM MHSIEiM BW E bsllows stock and llnest leather in valvcs. THE WiW HSkfii HSM ACMK QL'EKN is fuinislied with a lOxH bevelcd -aJ((H I ui S SSl píate Frenen mirror, nickel plated iKj.lal frames, JU! andeven modern improvemont. We romMi a i i .:-„, and the. bml .ornan luntriiclkm honk iiulillshed. JSSsS IK W! GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. sSi .Sffll SB BUI issuo a written blndiiif; 26-year gnarantce, by the l ,ri, k SHlK!9QHnil üw'l'HiE'BSiï1 terms and conditions of which ifany part gives out llnoBtaSw 3B?á( IHIhFhí we repair iti'rce of fhnrgc. Try tone month and !' l)'Rp%PIS SOSCW Bi wnwlll refund your money lfyou are not perfectly ■ il CJV6lKEa mgvS'mk SoLM ffifel satlslied. 500 of these orcans wil I le sold at BI.J6. I llf O5iiF8)a!3aa!WaWM SipB HSp' (lli!KI! AT ONCE. 1ON'T DEI.AY. , 11 INSTRUCTOR W:-==BaaSLjKí-33t"JB!!l!BaF ' PUR RELIABILITY IS ESTABLISHED Jy u - ?a BBBp noc dealt with us ask your neilibor about us,write ll''i:i:;„ " - ifff" tile publieher of tliiapaperor Metropolitan Nutional ,.,. „,. nr ..vnress Bank, orCorn Exchange Nat. Bank, Chicago; or Germán E lork; orany ri u 111 imi' 'r,;,jn conipunyinChieasro. VVe have acnplial or oicr $700,UO0.00. ■ ot the J18et„'1SSgog 115.00 ChliMgO, and employ nearly 2,000 pople in our ovvn building. 1 8ELL 0B8AS8 1 22.00 and up; ' ,r 'in i'iano and un; also everything in musical instrumenta at lowoet Wholesale pnces. Wriui for lrt'l!.1','Hl ',.'.. editor.) an.tmns.ical instrument catalogue. Address, (Sears, Boebnci Co. are thopoughlr-rell.ble -. ■' ' SEARS.' ROEBUCK &. CO. (Inc.). Fulton, Desplainej and Wayman Sts., CHICACOt --