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The Nationll Guards

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Id general orders No. 3, issued by the state military departmect Satnrday it is ordered tbat hereafter each regiment of infantry iu the national guard shall consist of one colonel, one lieutenant-colonel, three majors, one surgeou with the rank oí major, one assistant snrgton wirn the rank of captain, one assistant sargeon with tbe rank of first lientei'aut, oue chaplain, oue adjntant and one regimental quar termaster each with the rank of captain, one commissary and three battalion ndjntants each with the rank of first lientenant; one sergeant major, oue qnartermaster sergeant, one commissary sergeant, three battalion sergeants major, three hospital stewards, oue band and 12 companies organized into three battalious of fonr companies each. Each iufantry coinpany shall consist of one captain, ene first lientenant, one secojid Jieutenaut, flve sergeants, ODe qnartermaster sergeant, onecomnjissaiy sergeant, eight corporals and not less than 32 nor more than 68 privates. This order increases the mimber of offleers to each regiment by fonr lientenants, the commissary and three battalion adjntants being th? new offices. The military board has rnodified rule Sío. 65 so as to permit the wearing of the regalaticn Unittd States army officers' cap by the officers cf the national guard.