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A Secret Marriage

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Manistique, Mich., July 28. - Hou. George P. McCallum, of this city, deputy collector of infernal reveuue for the eastern district ot' the upper peuinsnla and representative of the Delta district in the Michigan legislature, and Miss Agnes E. Forshar, a popular and accomplished young laay daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Forshar, of South Manistique, were rnarried some time in March at the home of a friend of the groom in eoutheru Ohio. The bride was then in attendanca at the state normal at Ypsilanti. The pareuts on both sides were not apprised of the marriage until Sunday last by the yonug people. No reasou can be given for the secret marriage other than the fact that the bride was a student in the normal. Their acquaintauce dates back severa! years. It is learned that iromediately after adjournineut of the legisla ture the youug oouple tooli a short honeymoou trip to Niaeara Falls. The legislative sessiou was prodnctive in marriages. Oartou, of Flint, led the procession, but he was all tbrongh with nis tronbles before the sessiou actually opeued. Keir, of Houghton, was next. He made no secret of it, so the members had lots of fnn with him and his wife. Their arrest and trial was one of tha events of the session. "Doe" Dulï was foxy. He uever said a word, bnt went away aud got married. As he did not bring his wife to the capítol for a month or more there was no circus over his splicing. Harry (justin, of Alpeua, was foxier still. He waited until he got his fish bill off his hands and then took an indefinite leave , of absence. He didu't show up again. But Mac has taken the prize. No one even dreamt that he was in love aud when he was joshed about a nice fellow like himself being still nnmarried, he uever turued a liair. "Dave" Heineman and "Gus" Weier are the only haudsome bachelors left on the hooks.