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To Sink A Deep Well

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Action was taken at the last meeting of the board of regen t-s of the university, on a matter that was probably considered of so little moment that nothiug has been said about the same. It was the letting of a contract with a Bay City party by the name of Masou to drill a well ou the campus to a depth of not exceeding 3,000 feet. The object of this well is to bj two fold. Firsi to try and secure a supply of water for the boilers of the heating plant and the other buildings not impregnated with lime, and secoudly, to flnd out wha.t is thejstrata below' the campus tor educational pnrposes. The idea of this well was. first broached by ex-Kegent Barbour, when he was a member of the board. His propositiou was to purchase a piece of land in Pittsfield, whera splendid ovving wells can be secured, pnt down eils, lny pipes to the foot of State and 3arckard Ets. and pump the water to ie campus. This propositiou was disussed in all its pnases uutil ar the ast board meeting on the motion of Regents Fletcher a contract was let to rat down a drive well on the campus. 3ids had been received frorn vurious íarties bnt the oue accepted seerned to )e most satisfactory. The coutractors ro to furuisn everything includiug machinery, coal and iron casing. )hey are to reoeivefor their work $2.50 foot to a depth of 500 feet and aftei hat $2 a foot to a depth of 3,000 feet. Takiiig in considenition tbat casing is vortb frota 80 cents to $1 a foot this is good contract for the university. How far reaching in its future effects on Aun Arbor and vicinity the drilliug of this vfell rnay prove cannot now be oretold. The campus must be over 40 reet higher than thecourt house square. ?bis íucrease in height probabJy couists of sand aud clay. If good water hould be fouud below the clay aud the veil stop there, those that are interestd iu geology will be disappoiuted. n the court house well put dowu in 1871 shale was struck at 164 feet. At 330 feet brine of 50 degrees salotnettr was euconntered. Bed of black bituiiinous shale were fouud 'at 469 feet. ?he work was discoutiuued at a depth of 755 feet tbe drill being iu luaguesan liuiestoue. Tbe log of this well vas carefnlly kept by the state geologst the late Prof. Alexauder WineheJi. t ís believed by sonie that if the deptli of the Ypsilanti mineral wells are aken iu eousideration iu couuectiou vitli te lay of the laúd that the same Ypsilanti or Mt Olemeiis mineral water will be struek at a depth of 1,050 to 1,125 fetjt. Iu the Duuciee well, at a further depth oí' about 300 :eet a seeoud veiu of ruinera! water was struek. With the latter well as a criterion Trenton Rock will be struek at a depth of froru 2,600 to 2,800 íeet, )ossibly rnnuing close to the 3,000 f eet ihe extent of the contract as to depth. .t oil or gas should bfi struek n would mean very mucb to the umversity as it would provide the institntion with its own fuel saving annually over $10,000 lor coal. The theory of the late Prof. Wiuchell and other geologists is that the entire state is nuderlaid with Trenton rock but that it lies iu abowlshape. Oil and gas is contained in this Trenton rock. The modern theory of onr eut state geológica! depaitinent is that oil aiid gas eau ouly be secured in this rock where there is a dome or a sudden raise in this rock cieating a place tor the oil or gas to aceuiualate uuder pressure. Tbey hold tbat only 111 such a place eau these prodnets be secured. Tlns well May substantiate or overthrow these tbeories. Of not less vulue will be the decerruiuatiou of the fact that Auu Arbor is nuderlaid witb Mt. Olemeus or Ypsilauti ruiueral water. Tbis may eiiconrage the pro je et of buildiug a sauitariuui to wake use of tbe healing.healthgiviug waters The contractors will be in the city with their tools the begiuning of nest week. Tbe well is to be located east and south of the power houses. Tbe well will be sarted as a 12-inch hole Wheu rock is struck tbe bore will be reducid to 10-inch. Tbe work of dril ling tbis well will be watcbed witb much interest. The people of Anu Ar bor will be treated with the sight o the way a modem gas or oil well is put dowu. Superintendent Keeves pro poses to keep a thorough record of the work. His present plan is to fill a glass test tube froru the sand pumj with eacb changa in tbe ïormation As bas been said before how far reaching the effect of drilling a 3,000 foo well in Ann Arbor will be caniiot ye be foretold.