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A Collision On The Central

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Ad accident tnat might have proven oue of the most disasterous of the year occnrred in the Michigan Central yards this ruoruing at 6 o'clock. The lesult of the colhsiou was two erupty freight cars badly smashed, a loaded car slightly and the -engiue of No. 8 passenger train only slightiy dainaged. Conductor James Slattery ot a through freigbt, had orders to place a car load of beef for the Hmmo├╝d Co. on tne side track. His watch indicated he had time to do so before pas senger train Ko. 8 was due trom thd west. He divided up his train ane placed the cars on tne side track at the freight house on the rnain track, whilhe pusned iu the Hammond Beef Co. 's car. Passenger train No. 8 carne in from the west and ran into the cars on the track smashing two empty bos cars and badly jamining a loaded freight car. Tlie passenger traiu had slowed up in coming in the yards. This is all that saved the train from having a terrible loss of life. As it was the passengers were uot much shaken up. The cow catcher of the passenger engine was nearly broken off, and the front indented. The loaded freight car jarunied, contained the finishing stuff for the Barbour women's gymnasium. How'much of this is injured Superintendent Reeves could not say, but he thought some of the ends of the cnrved pieces were hurt. The cauee of the accident is claim ed to have been the fact that Conductor Slattery 's watch was 12 minutes slow, which has not beeu expluined If the semiphore had been turned, the passenger traiu would have been warned. Conductor Slattery's home is in Ypsilanti. He has the repntatiun of beiug a very carefnl man, and why his watch should be slow seems inexplicable. The wreek was removed during the morning under the directiou of John Howard the assistant road master and James O'Counell, sectiou boss. By noon the main line was clear for the passage of the regular trains, which during the blockade had toAnse the sidetrack.