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■ Onïy tvvo Americau_powers_ signed the1Sb7tratiöncOTventioi], tüe United StatefTand Mexico. President McKinley's political stomachopld no longerretain__Alger, bntXitlexperiënèës]f)oo retching over piatt. ,"., -mni 'Chicago with her busy „way has_in_vited Admiral Cervera to attend the Dewey reception in that city. 11e will scarcely be there, '! but hejmight come for the sake of breaking the heads of those who estended the mvitation. The suprerue court of Colorado has declared the eight hourlaw whieb was iudireotly the cause of the miners strike last spring, unconstitutional. This is in accordance with decisions generally in this country relative to acis limiting the labor of male adults. General Leonard Wood is an equally good fighter whether his enemies be Spaniards or vellow fever. Though the Santiago campaign against the Spaniards was a very short one, General Wood has downed the yellow fever there in less time - two weeks. The tide of opposition to Gen. Otis is constantly rising. Evidence accumulates that the resulta of his doings there are small and that his campaign nas been unsatisfactory. He is evidently a man of small things, given to petty details to the neglect of more important things he is expected to do. If the new minister of war in France maintains himself in the position he has taken of enforcing discipline iu Jhe army at all hazards, no matter who is hnmbled, he will place the republic on a stable basis ana establish the sipvemacy of the civil over the military power. His beginning augures well for tuis aecornplishment. Senator Burrows has retornad toKala mazoo and in another interview expressed himself as in favor of temiinating tbe Fhilippine difficulty speedily and before many more lives have been needlessly wasted. This is ' pretty stsong language for a protegee of Senator McMillan who is understood to be a staniich advocate of the presideut's Philippme policy. State Treasurer Steele and Land Commissioner Frenen, a majority of the board of state auditor wbich passes on bilis against tne Btate, say the tax commission has no right to ernjloy clerks. Attorney-General Oren says just the opposite. These two men wanted tobe members of the tax commissiou. l'his opinión of theirs looks as though thay want to cripple the tax commission. It wonld have been bul ordinary business discretion in Governor Pingree, after all tbe scandal whicb the country has passed through ielative to canned goods, to inspect the canned speech which he inflicted upon a long suffering public at the Alger reception, before reading it. Then he would do well to pat himself in the hands of some priruary teacher of reading for instrnction in that useful art. The special commission which was created by the legislatnre, consi.sting of Secretary of State Stearns, State Treasnrer Steele and Railroad Commissioner Osborne, to negotiate with the special charter railroads to determine on what terms they will surrender their charters, has just discovered that a report is required in November next. Up to the present time not a thing has been done. Not a partióle of información has been gathered. This is illustrative of the slovenly wuy in which public business is done. It was thought that thsre would be no fighting in the Philippines durimg the rainy season, but the Filipinos seem to be keeping our forces from experiencing ennui. Ifc appears thatf tbe Americans are compelled to fight all along the line in order to maintain themselves. There appears also to be but a very small portion of Jjuzon in American hands. The greater part of the railroads running out of Manila ajd most of the locomotivos are still in the hands of tne natives.Ot course the Filipinos are driven ofE every time they make an attack, but each time they return supplied with ammunition ofAmeri a i manufacture and kill a few more Ya 'ee ?o!diers. Secretary Alger: Though he crucify me, yet will I trust in him. It indicatea nothing out of character to say the Shamrock is swift, or that tha Colnrubia is swifter. A Cuban comuiitfee gives good , vioe to Cubans in urging tliem to get a , move ou theruselves for tJneir own regeneration. The Iowa republican convention declared nnequivocally for the gold standard and lagislation whicn will assure its permanency. Sir Julián Pauncefote, British Ambassador to "Washington, is now Lord Pauncefote. He will continue at Washington nntil next spring. He is one ot the most popular Washington diplotnats. Sir Wilfrid Laurier says he cannot atteud the Chicago Day exercises, Oct. 9, uext. He is afraid in the present state of public opinión in this conutry. as voiced by the press, some indigiiity might be put "opon him. Why, bless yon, Sir Wilfrid, there is no more danger than in yuur own capítol. The talk in the press over your recent bluff words, is aimply stuff to iill up with during the dull mid-suimner month when it is hard to get real live newss The United States should sea to it whiie our finger is in the pie that no such tbing as a black republic is set tip in Cuba under American protection. The lesson we have had with universal manhood sufferage in the south where the hlacks predomínate should be sufflcient. A black republic at our doors would be after the style of Haiti and San Domingo and would be a greater nuisance than was Spanish. control in Cuba. According to State Treasurer Steele the total receipts of the state last year were $4,576,874.98, and the disbursements amounted to $4,391,021.71. He has on hand 1, 402, 056.88 which includea last year's balance and that of the year before. During the year $500, 000 war bonds were issued and are still oustandmg. The total trust funds of the various educational institutions aeaounting to 16,120,003.56. During the year the state received from general taxation 2,322,845.75, and from spedfic taxes $1,415,210.22. It is said that President McKinley and Secretary of War Root will have a conference Tuesday and will formúlate a policj" relative to Philippine matters and will also discuss matters relating to Cuba and Porto Rico. It is to be hoped that Secretary Root roay bring the president to some policy. He has had none apparently up to date. His measures have ben.tentative and famthearted, iudicating that he has been more concerned with what the effect of auy decided policy might be npon his chances for re-election thau with a speedy termination of' the war in the Philippines. Having entered upon the war the country would stultify itself should it withdraw without some satisfactory passification in tbe Phlippines. The' war should have been pushed, therefore, with such force as was necessary to termínate it speedily or some other meaus should have been found for passifying Jthe Filipinos. But the timid, half-hearted, ear to the gronnd plan has accomplished neither. Secretary Root has theteputation of being an able and positive man. May he succeed in causing the president to take some decided stand.