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Filipinos Surprised

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Manila, Aug. 10.- The fight at San Fernando cost the United States the heaviest loss oL any one batle since the war began. The casualties were ten killed and seventeen wounded in the five hours that the battle lasted. The enemy was driven in the direction of Angeles. The Americans.. covered flve miles in the first five h'ours and at 2 o'clock had advanced six miles along the railway, stretching on each side of it for two miles and resting at night three miles from Angeles, which will be made the northern base of operations, instead of San Fernando, where a garrison of 600 men has been left. The Filipinos were surprised, expeeting the American forcee to move against Tico. They followed their usual tactics of holding their trenches until they became too warm and then retreating in disorder. They are now falling back westward toward Porie. Was Hard Country Tor Marching. The Twelfth and Seventeenth regiments had the sharpest engagements. The country our troops passed over is covered with rice fields and bamboo thickets, the hardest possible ground for marching. The mud in places was knee deep. Angeles is one of the richest towns north of Manila and is considered to be a better base of operations than San Fernando. The forces at San Fernando consisted of the Iowa regiment, the Twelfth regiment, Pell's ncw Thïrty-sixth regiment, a battalion of the SixtefiRth regiment, troop E, of the Fourch cavalry, and fifteen guns. The movemeDt had been planned for some time, but was delayed by rains. Fiually, two days of sunshine dried the rice fields sufficiently to permit of the attompt. Rebels Made It Cnpleasant. The Americans' position had long been unpleiif-:ant. The rebels almost suri'ounded San Fernando and flred nearly niglitly into the town, the Americans not replying except on extreme provocation. It was necessary to keep 500 to 600 men on outpost. duty constantly. Captain Deerns, with a provost giiard, Tuesday night captured a noted Filipino fakir, with several aliases, who, by means of ventriloquism, has persuaded the natives that he has supernatural powers. He raised much raoney, ostensibly for the insurrection, which he kept for himself. Our soldiers surrounded his house and corraled. thirty Filipinos. Many others escaped. _ „-.■'■■ - --