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PENSION REISSUED- Charlea W. Teall, of Milán, has had his pension reissned at 12 a nionth. A SASH FASTENER- Edgar M. Comstock, of Ypsilaiiti, has been granted a patent on a sash fascener. DEXTER PICNIU- The Germán society at Dester held a Sunday school picnic Aug. 3, in Richard Smith's ■woods, soathvfesc of Dexter. COST OP IN SANE- The state expended $504,778.13 last year tor the care of the insana. This is in addition to the expense of buildings and repairs. LAKGE EXPECTATIONS - The oats and eorn erop in Washtenaw eounty is espected from all reports to be the laxgest the eounty has ever seen. EIGHT BUSHELS- Louis Koebbe, a Ihresher of Fredona, reports much of the wheat tnrningkout better ,than expected although the average is notover eight bnshels an acre. GOES TO MANILA- Major Seymour Howell is at his home in Adrián onaforlough. He goes to San Francisco, Aug. 10, to pay off the returning eoldiers and will then be sent to Manila. .APPLIED TO ANN ARBOR- Charles V. Kranse, who recently purchased his partners interest in a fioweli blacksmith shop, needed a first classs. horseshoer, so he applied to Arm Arüor and got one. ivONE 1R0M WASHTENAW- The ü. S. grand jury drawn yesterday will rmt mivR on it anvone from naw. ïhe ñames oí' two dead men are found ou the jury, John Watts, of Detroit and Horaca A. Wilkerson, of Dundee. NEW CHANDELIERS- Rev. John Schmaus and Bernard Koebbe, a committee of the Germán Evangeiical chnich of Fieedom, were in the city today and contracted with the Ebertach Hardware Co. to supply the choren with riew chandeliers. DID NOT APPEAR- The reason for Jndge Newkirk's non-appearance at the Whittaker Oatholic picoic yesterday was that he was billed to speak there without his knowledge and having made prior engagflments for that day could not accept, mnch to his regret. PRISON DKLEGATES- üovernor Pingree hasappointed Prof. Charles H. Cooley to 'head the delegation of 42 members from Michigan to the congress of the National Prison Association in Hartford, Conn., Sept. 23 to 27. H. S. Holmes, of Chelsea, is also a memher. MARRIKD IN PITTSFIELD - Susannah A. Crane, who married Gilbert F. Pearl in Pittsfield July 3,1870, has apphed for a divorce iu Detroit on the ground of desertion. She [alleges that he deserted her Dec. 31, 1891, and that she has not heard from hitn since. They have fonr children the yonngest being 15. RURAL MAIL DELIVERY- Congressman Heury Smith, of Adrián, was in the city today and called on Deputy County Clerk Philip Blurn in reference to a petition presented for rnral mail delivery ou the gravel road. Mr. Simth stated that : special postal agent would be iu the city Ang 15, to investígate them atter. JULIA FOÍUST BIES- Julia, the three, year oíd daugbter of Mr. and Mrs. Duaue Foru, ot' Fostera Station, died last even mg of a stoniac-h trouble of long standing. The funeral services will be held at the paren1 residence tomorrovv afternoon at 2 o'clock, the interment to take place in Fairview cerne ttry iu Aun Arbor. Rev. Alexauder Nicklas will officiatee. EXPENSES OF THE STATE- The disborsfituents oí' the state treasury tor the past year bas teen $4,391,081.71. The recëipts vsere $185,843.27 more than the disbuvsements and there is nov ou h;iud $1,403,055.88. The war debt is. $500,000 aud besides this the state hölds $6,130,008.56 trust fuuds of which $533,904 belougs to the üniversity of Michigan, üu this trust fnnd the umversity gets 37,303.08 interest. TEACHERS EXAMINATIONS- School Oomtnissiouer Lister announces the teachers' txarninatious for Washtenaw county during 1899 and 1900 will be held as follows. Ann Arbor, beginnin the third Thursday in August; Ypeilauti, beginniug the third Thnrsday in üctober; Ann Arbor, beginning tbe last Thursday in March ; Ann Arbor, beginuing the third Thnrsday in June. Final eighth grade exammations will be held the last Satnrday in February and the last Saturday in May. HIGHER TAXES- One reason that the city taxes ai e higher this yfiar thaii last is that in the wisdom of the city government oot sufflcient money was raised to pay the existing overdraft. It will take several years to make this up. The same conditiou exists in the county finances. An overdraft has esisted for a number of years It was 13,000 January 1, 1899. It will continue and grow larger frorn year to year, until the supervisors get moral courage to wipe it out. Theu the taxpayers will be astonished. MUST DESTROY TREES- Justice Ohauncpy Orcntt, of Ann Arbor town, is au experienced peach grower. He says "You will see that in five years tbere will be no peaches in the vicinity of Ann Arbor. Last year we removed and destroyed 7,000 peacn trees afflicted with the yellows and this year the number will be over 10,000. All the trees bere will have to go. After the land has rested a time, growers can again plant peach trees. This was the case in New Jersey. Their peaches are now being replanteó. It is the same case in the St. Joseph regiou in this state." From Seturday's Dailv Argus. SMÜ'i' IX OATS - The Lima farmers are coniplainiug of smut in their oats. A FLOWÍNG WELL- A flowing well bas been struck on the Jonn Haeselsehvserdt farm iu Sharou. PAINTED THE SCHOOL HOUSE - The school house iu the Martin Meikle district iu Sylvan hus beeu repaihted. SOLDIERS PICNIC- The Salem soldiers hold their annual picnic Aug. 12, on the lawu of Richard Butler, on the base line. GONE TO TECCMSEH- Grass & McMonaglb, of this city, have opened a photograph gallery in Tecumseh, according to tüe Teonmseh News. KILLED A RATTLER- A rattlesnake having 26 rattles was killed near E. A Nordman's lake in Lima recently. He was an old timer. ANOTHER BAKN- Irving Storms is building a uew barn in Lima. It has been many years since there was so mnch building among the farmers. LOST HIS SHEEP- Philip Seitz, of Lima, lost 11 sheep recently. The cause of their death is unisnown, but Mr. Seitz thinks they were poisoned A FRUIT EVAPORATOR- Dexter expects a fruit evaporator to be built there employing 25 or 30 hands. L. S. Towne, of Manchester, is the man in charge of the new enterprise. THE CURFEW LAW- President Copeland, of the village of Dexter, is 8triving to enforce the curfew law requiring children tinder 16 to be off the arrppts nf Dexter after 9 r . m. FINE RESORT- W. G. Bain is coiidncting a very fine hotel at Cavanaugh Lake, which is one of the most popular resorts of Washtenaw. A_great many Ann are novv stopping theie. WILL PROBATED- The will of Elizabeth F. Baldwin deceased, was admitted to probate yesterday. Her two son-in-laws, Prof. Joseph B. Davis and E. E, Baldwin were appointed execntorp. ENTERTAINED IT - Supervisor Walter, of Bridgewater, one of the best kuown and most liked men on the board of supervisors, has been entertaining a felcn on th thumb of his right hand. MOVES TO DEXTER - Patrick Kearney, for many years a leading farmer of Webster, has purchased the Alex Dancer reeidence in Dexter anc will move there Sept. 1. Mr. Dancei goes to Detroit. YPSI RURAL DELIVFRY- Con gressman Smith, while in Ypsilaut yesterday, said that rural mail delivery ■was a snre thing for that city and tha tbe final arracgements would be made by a special agent Aug. 15. LAKE CONNECT1ONS- Bass Lake is to be connecced with Strawberry Lake by , a canal. Fred Bross, wno owns some cottages and conüiderabl land around Bas Laek is doing th work and it will e uompleted in a few weeks. LIGHTKING- The house of Fred Kalambach, in Freedom, was struck by hghtning Thursday afternoon, tb bolt ijassing down the chiruuey. It in jured the roof and cbimney slightly At the tima of the stroke Mrs. Kalani bacti was in thebaru milking and Mi Kalmbach away f rom homo.. DOOMED IT TOgDEATH- Th Xrays doomed a Kalamazuo dog t death this week. The dog had been shot sometimé ago ana its hind legs had becorne paralyzed. The dog was put ander the X rays and the shot located iu the spine, the dog being beyond medical mei and hen_e it vtill be killed. MANY R-VTTLESNAKES- Twentyoue rattlesnakes were killed iu the Robison marsh iu Freedoru by Herruau Ortbnrg, Charles Haschle, Win. Rothfcifs and Johu Alber, who were engagod in making hay. This is the marsh which at one time was owned by Johu J. Robison and Charles H. Richmonci. TWIN SETTERS- While cutting brush near Pinckney Wtdnesday, Edward Kennedy carne upon a qnail aud a ben, both setting upon one nesc. ín the nest were 12 qnail eggs and sis hen eggs. They were not molested, and the two returned to thbir maternal dnties. lt is aconundrum as to which will owu the chioks and whicb the birds. ON ITS LAST LEUS- The Graud Rapids Medical College, which was before the legislature at lts last session endeavorinug to be put on the same footing with the University of Michigan as far as disecting material is concerned, is in financial distress and it is thought may not again reopen. Wheu an offlcer in making a levy fora $15 judgment forced an entrance into its building yesterday, be found the dissecting material uncared for and decaying about the building wherever the students had left it last June. From Mondav's Daily Argus. EAT - A number of citizens yesterday eujoyed their Suuday dinner at the Americau lionse. REGULAR MEETING- There will De a regnar meeting of Washüenaw Chapter, R. A. M., touight. All metu3ers are inivted. TONIGHT- A regular meeting of the city couucil will be held touight at g o'olock local time. Inmportant bnsiness may come before thu gentlemen. IMPROVEMENT- The new cement walk in front of theRyan block, corner of S. Main and Washington st. is a big improvement which willj add mnch to the beauty of the street. IMPROVEMENT- The waitiugroom of the University School of Music will be much imporved when the stndents return in the fall. There will be a new table, better settees and a beautifnl fioor rug to greet them. The room will te very cosy and inviting. FINE TEAM- O. L. Yost, of Ypsilantti sold ajvaluable team to K. S. Bailey, of Williamsport. Peun., few days ago. Mr. Bailey in a letter to Mr. Yost says they are the finest drivers he ever drew reins over. He paid Mr. Yost 1,375 for the team. A BlG OUTPUT- The Ann Arbor Orgau Co. are now shipping 300 organs a month, which is jnst six times th output of six years ago. Manager Henderson is a hustler to sell tue fiue organs manufactured under the care of Superintendent Allmendinger. RECEIVES THREE LINES- The Sazateer of Michigau of the year 1838 evotes thren lines to Whitmore Lake. t says: "Whitmore's Lake lies on the ortnern border of Washtenaw county nd the towuship of Northfield. It is ented into the Hurón rver by a small reek. : ' STARTED AS A HOBO- Officer I&ell picked up Henry Harris on the treet yesterday. He was a boy of 16, he sou of a Detroit tailor, who was eneavoring to beat his way to Chicago. A brakeman put him off the train and ie had not a cent of ruoney in his pockt when fouud. His father was sent tor and came here this afternoon and took lis 'boy back to Detroit. SHORT OF CARS- Dennis Reily, of Toledo, the commercial agent oí the nn Arbor road was in this city this morning. '-Our road is suffering like all other roads from a want, of snfficieut 'reight cars. 1 think it will last until af ter Jan. 1. In spite of the large eqnipment that has been added b? the roads, I believe the general business of the country has incryased still er." OLD BARK MILL- The building torn on the Ann Arbor Chicory Co's property was built by the late Frederick Knhn for Weil Bros. about the year 1854. It was user! in ccunection with their tannery, now the electric light station, as a bark mili. BIG FISH- O. M. Van Kleek this morning showed a three loot, six and a quarter inch pickerel, weighing 15J pounds, which he caught with a trolling line iu Whitmore Lake yesterday. The fish got away from hirn three times breaking the line. Mr. Van_ Kleek's hands luok as if he had leen through a thresüing machine or hada seance with the house cat. This is the largest fish caught in the lake for many years. WANT TO ÜRGANIZE- The postmasters of Michigan are receiving a circular letter iskiug their opinions in regard to the value of an cgramzation to the presidential postunasters of the state. The letter suggbsts that Detroit be the first meeting place, and that the time be fixed ior Oct. 3-4. The letter is signed by the postmaters o Saginaw, Port Hnron, Ann Arbor Hillsdale and Albion.- Alpena Re view. SWIFT JUSTICB- Geo W Tiegel, o Scio, was broughtnpwith a round tnru Saturday in Justioe Doty's conrt. Saturday about noon he brought in mowing macihne and lelt it in tb street by Henry Richard's place of busi ness. About 4 o'clook Marshal Gerst ner made a complaint against him i obstructiug the street. Justicc Dot issued a warrant aud Marshal Gerstue drove five or six miles intothe countij; got his man, brought him back, and ú was tried, plead guilty and paid a ñu ' aun $4.50costs, all ia little more than two honrs. WhosajsAin Arbor jnstice js not swift?