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The Maccabees New Hall

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The lady Maccabees of the Queen City Hive celebrated the formal opening oL their new hall Tuesday eve with appropriate exercises. They are now most pleasantly sitnated on the second floor of the Giibert block on the east ide. The main room or hall ïs 60 ft. by 22 ft., and is covered with canvas carpet and fnrnished with a new piano and chaira, many of which are uew. The parlors are newly carpeted, and when completely furnished will be haudsorne roorus, with three wardrobes adjoiriing. A large dining room and a well furnnished kitchen forru a part of the eqnipment also. The rooms are lighted with gas and electricity. The walls are covtred with a tasty paper and the whole constitutes an outfit tliey ruay justly be prond ot. ..The order is ofBcially as fullows: Mrs. Louisa Drnry, lady commander ; Mrs. Ella Thorne,past commandei , Dr. Been, lieuteuant commander; Mrs. Helen T. Bnrt, record keeper.; Mrs. Jenuie Ostrancter, finance keeper; Mrs. Elizabet'j Kowe, chaplain ; Miss Alta Pack, seargeant , Mrs. Christie Wilbur, uiistress at arms; Miss Nellie Jackson, sentinel ; Mrs. Salinda Hawkins, picket The coudition of the hiva is flounshing. It raeets every two weeks, the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. There are more tharj two hundred active members, and only 36 are siinply aociil members, all the rest carrying their insurance. They have been out of debt for the past two years, but have recently contracted a small debt in tVie farmshing of their new hall. The program last evamng was plauned for the purpose of raising money to meet these obligations. Ice creain and cake were served, ten cents being charged. There were probably 300 persons present, and notwithstanding the extreme heat, all seemed to enjoy themsel'ves. The ice creain and cake were delicious and a good program ot music and speaking was also provided. Tne music was by the band, on the piano and by vocalists, and was very sjood, the vocalists being encored. The speaking was by the Rev. Gardam,who paid a high tribute to the order, stating his experience in homes in which be had been as pastor when someone npon whom the family depended was taken away and the relief resulting from the prompt payment of insnrance. The eharity work of the order was also highly commended. Col. Ji'red Green followed and told of the great kindness of the ladies in sending medicines and delicacies to the soldier boys and of lives saved by having these reruernbrances of loving Maccabee friends at hand in emergencies. The offlcers of the order, as well as the lay members, are thoronghly businesslike. and wbile they look after the requisite mtans to carry forward their work of eharity and protection for the loved ones, tbey also do a good work socially. We, as a people, are given to too constant application to business, to the neglect of onr social notions. Bur certainly the L. ü. T. M. are doing their share for social recreatiou as well. Queen City Hive snrely deseives rnnch credit