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Invitations are ont annonncing the ■wedding, on Thnrsday, Sept. 14, of Alexander Brownell Cullen Hardy to Miss Eusebia Florence Bates, daughter f Mr. and Mrs. William Knfns Bates, ■oí Flint. The groom is a former well known Ypslianti. young man oow in business at Flint. The wedding -will occnr in St. Panl's chorch, Flint. Mrs. Fred i'orster who had herhnsli nd arrested yesterday ior assault and attery cauie into Justice Obilds eonrt ns rnorniug witb hor inother and au ttorney from Wayne. Her husband í'red W. Forster changed his plea of esterday arid plaad gnilty. This is ha same man who on Wednesday folowed his wiíe and íinding her in the oinpany of another man wbom she aya she did not know, proceed to prick im with a kuife. The fellow who as stabbed is not known. Forster was ud $2 and oosts, tbe total amounting o 6.80. The other cases on cali in udge Childs' court this morniug, the O'Brien assault and battery cas8 aud ie larceny cases of Redeant and Shier were adjonrned to Tuesday, Sept. 5. From Saturday's Daily Argus. Boy Miller, aged 19 years, died at is home Thnreday night. The ïinmediate canse of his death was gangene. Tbe funeral will be held to, morrow at 3 o'cIock and the interment vill be in Highland cernetery. Rev. Gardam gathereci his picnicers bis morning to the number of 185 and ook a special car at 9:45 for the Willam Campbell farm when they wil! ut in the day in sports and a general ;ood time. It is needless to say that ,he children were happy. Ohas. Andrews was arrested last ight for being drunk on the Street. His honoi, Justice Childs, after listenng to the story of his condition gave im $2 and costs amotinting to $6.52, r 10 days in Sheriff Gillen's hotel. Ie did not have the coin so he decided o go arid board for 10 days on the icket which the jnstice gave hini. It was rnmored on the Street yesterday that Robert Hemphili, Jr. had esigned his positiou with the Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor electric rail way bnt it was also denied. It apears to have been true, h o wever. His esignation has been hauded in but no easons for the step are given. Mr. ïemphill has been with the road since t was first opened. The informal dancing party at the Country club house last night was a very pleasant affair. There were 15 couples present and the time to mid night was spent in tripping the light fantastic. The ronsic was furnished jy Mrs. Tyler and Mr. Schaebeile, of Ann Arbor. Everybody tboioughly enjoyed the evening. The new furnïture is now in place, and rostic chairs and antees are placed abont the wide porches and add to ttiH ease and comfort of the sojourners there. The clnb is starting on its career with every prospect of being no small factor in the society of the connty. It is sure to bring the society of the twin cities nearer together and do ruucn good.