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Fine Horse Was Stolen

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Again tbe festiva horse thief i? abroad and last uight he visited Bert Mooreman again, taking a borse, buggy aud harness. It is tbougbt that the visit was made between the hours of 12 acd 1 o'olock. Tbe horse is a large, fine bay animal uot brokeu to drive single. It bas been driven singlo pos I sibly a half oozen times uut was still decidediy risky. ïhere wre variou indications a bont the barris and snrrounding groauds tbat the tbief or tbieves riid uot get awav witb bim withont tronble. He bad gone over a board feace, baviug two boards only, uear tbe groncd and had trampled about a good deal iu a potato patch, finally entering tbe lane and then the road wbere the tracks turnea south. The tracks were followed for nearly tbree miles. There is a rumor afloat that a strange borse resem bhng the stolen onb was seen passing through Oakville this moining but notbing definite is ïbowii. Meuibers of the Horse Tbief Assrciation are looking for the thief in evevy direction. Early this morniDg Mooreman mounted a borse and rode to Milau but notbing definite bas been discovered yet furtber than tbat tbe borse was driven eouth. It is thought tbat this thief is the same who stole Laflin's borse two weeks ago and coucerning wbich uot a trace has been discoveredTbe borse is described as seveu years old, weigbing 1,300, witb white spot in forehead and wbite hind feet. Sheriff Gillen bas offered 50 for the tbief on conviction and Mr. Moorman and the Horse Thief Association nave each offeren $100 for the recovery of the horse anc1, buggy. This rnalfe a total of 250 reward.