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Marnage license issued : Will R. Scadin. 22, and Miss Millicent McColl, 29. both of Webster. Trie case of Cecelia L. Leilis vs. tbe M. G. R. R. will come tip for hearing during thp October term of the circuit ceurt. A trnrik has been left at the A Dn Arbor depot by one of the late soidiers of tbe Spanish-á menean war. He can claim bis property. The Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor "Bailway Co. have three suits in the supreme court for the October term : Sarah Li. WaJlace, Edward M. Vining aud Alfred Rice are the pluintiffs against the road. Matthias liute, of M. Lntz A Son, furnitnre manufactnrers, bas had a second experience witb his whittkr. The first time he lest a poition of tne thnmb and index ficgsr oï bis rigbt hand. This time the other nugers of the same hand tnaciied thfi revolving knives. Luckily rn borjes vvere injured only fiesh slicert off. From Saturday's Daily Argus. The iiew nniforuis tor Oo. I have been received and the rifles are espected soon William Herz bas finished his job of painting the normal school buildiugs at Ypsilanti. He recieved $1,300 on -tn contract price and did extra work amouuting to 140 inore. The Lyra Singing Society wiil open tbe seasou with a concert Thanksgiv ing nighD. The rehearsals have begun and the chüir now musters 16 men. Prof. B. H. Kempf will again act as director. The Ann Arbor Frnit & Vinegar Wcrks began operating this week with 25 hands and is employing 75 now. The season will probably be ery short as the draught will force all the frnits on the market at unce. Tobias Diekhoff, '93 lit, instructor in Germán, who hasjjjbeen abroad two yeas, is expected home on Monday. He received the degree of doctor of pijilosopby from the University of Liepzig. Heirs to the late Anton Schiappacasse are hunting np Ms will. It is known that he had one drawnnpin the Italian langnage before an Italian notary in Detroit and it was left in the care of the latter. But it bas not yet been foand. Herman Zeitz, last year in charge of the violin department of the University School of Music, has accepted a fine position in the Conservatory of Mnsic at Quincy, 111. Mr. Zeitz friends in Ann Arbor wish him much soccess. Bernhart Sodt has had : Caroline Koffberger of Freedom, arrested on a charge of criminal slander. He alleges that she called him a corn thief. She pleaded not gnilty and the trial is eet for next Wednesday before Jnstice Duffy. Daniel Brown.of S. Main st. , in spite of being 94 years of age, is one of the model farmers of Washtenaw county. He has raised five acres of corn whioh Ie thinks is the h'nest in the conuty. The earsof the corn are very large arid jnn irom 700 to 965 kernels to the ear. Mr. Brown eunuted the kernels on a number of enrs. Charles ï'isener, with bis father, John G. Fischer, the W Kuron st. bntoher, says this year's vintage of ohickens will be veiy large. The countrv is full of chickots. They will be cheaper than beef. Last year at this time they sold froni farmers hands for eight cents a pounct dressed. This year the price offered is 10 cents. fit is understood that J. A. C. Hildner has been recommended as instructor in German in the university for the ensuing year. He has spent the past two years in Leipzig, where he received from the nuive.rsity there the degree of doctor of philosopby. He is a gradúate of the Michigan University and slways has been a hard werking student. J. M. Perkins, jauitor of the Watermau gymnasium, met with a very painful accident yesterday Workmen were removing souie boards trom a scaffold. A lot oí plastring had lodged on the boards. Mr. Perkins bappened to look up just at the moment vvhen a cloud of linie dust was coming down. It strack his eves. almost bliuding hiui. Dr. Schuyler, who lives close by tne campus, immediately gave him all the relief possible before he was taken home. It is hoped by his niany friends that he will receive no permanent injuries from the accident. From Monday's Daily Argus. Rev. C. E. Olessler will resign his pastorate at Bridgewacer on account of ill health. Prof T. O. Trueblood spoke before the M. E. conference at Ionia Saturdav on behalf of the Wesleyan Guild. Mrs. Mary O. Bennett has applied for administration papers in the estáte of Lawrence Olsaver, of Webster. She sets forth that she is tbe sole heir of the estáte which is valned at $20,000. Louis C. Boyle, w ho graduated i'rom the law department some 10 years ago, and entered upou the practice of his profession in Fort Scott, Kansas, aud was subsequenty elected attorney-general of the state of Kansas, has removed to Kansas City, Mo., where he wil practice. Herman M. Marsh, sou of Jonas Marsh, of Scio, died yesterday, aged 65 years. The inimediate cause of his death was a tumor. The funeral ser vices will be held Wednesday morning at 10:30 o'clock at his late resideuce. The interment will take place in Jackson. The deceased leaves a wiffe and two cbildren. Librarian Joseph P. Vanee, of the law department, is liunting for inforniation abcut Arthur T. Wilcox a U. of M. '59 lit. He enlisted in the 8th Onio. He was taken ptisoner and ■ spent a year in Libby prison. Ou nis I return home he re-eulisted in the 44th Ohio. He is reported to be living iu Leadville. Coló. Mr. Vanee would like to knovv tbe gentleman 's present address. Maj. Harrison Sonle, treasurer of the university, is well knowu as au expert deer bonter and trout flsheruan. "I don't tbink much of hese patent flshing icds," said Mr. Soule. "I recollect when ouce I ?eut fishing with a ! f6 rod. I bioke it imd iad to stop to ! fix it up. Tbtn I brote it pgain and gave it tip. 1 went irto the trush and ent o pole with ir y pocket kniip. Then the fish begau to "hite nurl I canght them. ïhey dia r t take auy more stock in tny patko iisb poie than I did. " On the sucoüd fiuor of the university museum are a ruouEtf.d Tamarau boll and calí luaued to the institotiou by the curator, H. S. Saugonfc, ïhey are two of tlie seven gpcciuiens "broaght bauk from the Philippines by Pi oí. Steere on the island of Oelebns in 1888. Up to tbat time the auimal was only kuown by tradition. ïhere is another gpeciinen iu the mnsem, two of the otheis in the Coinmbiuu museum iu Chicago and tvto in Eurcpe Unless j sotte public spirited man purchases these ;wo specimens for the university tbey will probably pass into the hands of sorue other institaticu. Dr. Paul L. Menzel, D. D. of Richmond, Va., uho spoke iu the Bethlehem church ytsterday, was dnring bis stay iu Ann Arbor the gnest of Rev. John Neumann, of S. Fourth ave. Kr. Menzel is not ouly an interesting speaker in tbe pulpit, but a delightful conversationalist. He is the president of the board of directors that governs the American educational institutions of the Germán Evangelical cnurch aud ïi pastor of St. Johns church in Richmond, Va. He is a frienrt of the reporters, and remarked to two Ann Arbor newspaper ruen that ne was under inany obhgations to the press and appreciated its work.