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To the School OfPoers: Dear Sirs: - A meeting of school offioers oL Washtenaw county was beid at Aira Arbor, Augnst 23rd for the parpose of discussing qnestions pertaining to the welfare ot our rnral scüools, and for adopting snch measures as ruight be deemed necessary tofurtherthe beet interests of the schools. Aniougthe qnestiocs discussed was thequestion of text books, and the concensus of opinión was that the best results cannot be expected wbile schools cling to text books whose rnethods have long since been obsolete. Good books ou modern methods cost no more tbau old ones, and in view of the fact that there is no oniformity jn the texts now used in the connty, a committee consisting of J.M. Braun, A. D. Crittenden and K. O. Allen was appointed to investígate the subject of text books and recomruend a list of books to be used by the schools of this connty. IS otices of this action were sent to the leading publishing house asking them to send samples of auy books which they wished to fcubmit for exaruination. A full and carefnl examination vsas made of the bcoks submitted, aud the inerits of each book were carefully weighed. As a resnlt of this comparison, the coramittee gave the followiug report, which bas my beartiest approval : To the School Officers of Washtenaw County : Sirs : - ï our eoom ra i ttee appoin ted by the County School Officers' association to report a set of text-books suitable lor use in onr district school do recommend the following: Readers, Baldwiu. Aritbmetic, Walsh's Primary and Walsh's Grammar Schooi. Copy Books, The Natural System oí Vertical 'Writiug. Language, Hyde. Geography, Redway aud Hinman's "Natnral Blementary" and "Natural Advanced." Piiypiology, Overton. Speller, Patterson's American Word Bool;. Orthography, Pattengill. U. S. History, Mcutgomery. Civil Government, Petermau. Mental Arithmetic, Milnes. Yery respeotfully submitted, a. u. unttenaen, John M. Brann, R. O. Alien. ïhe pnblishers all ofPer the same térras for excbarjge, wbich are as follows: If the papil has no oíd book to tnrn D,the uew book will oost the list price as given below. If the pupil has an oíd book to excbauge toward the new oue, be will be ?iven the uew book at 40 per cent off tbe price-list. Make excbange through your local booK dealers. Baldwin's Keadcrs - List Price. Ex. Pi-ice. First War .25 8.15 Second " .35 .1 Third " 40 .24 Fuurlh " 40 .24 Fifth " .40 .24 Slxth " .45 .27 Seventh ■' -45 .27 Kigkih " 45 .27 Uombined 4th and 5th years .fO .38 Combined 6th and 7th years -89 .39 Phystology- Overton's Applied Priniary .30 .18 Overton's Applied Primasy - -5o -3 Spellers- Patterson's American Word Book .25 .15 Civil Government- Peterman's, Michigan Edition 30 .88 Mental Arithmetic- Bailcy's American ■'■!' .21 Geography- Natural Elementry - .60 .36 Natural Advanced 1.25 .75 The above are American Book Company publications. Arithmetics- Walsh's Primary .30 .18 Walsh's (írammar School -.- -83 .39 - Langaage and GrammarUyde's Lnnuae Lessons(BookI.) --- -:i" .21 Hyde's Laauasre Lessons (Boot II.) .50 .80 Hyde's Grammar M .30 Writins" Books- Natural Vertical. The above are Heath & Co. publications. Orthosrrapby- Pattengill's Manual... .25 (H. K. Patlengili, Lanslng.) American History- Montgomery'8 Beginners' American History, - 0 .36 JIontzomery's Leading Facts of American History 1.00 .60 The Histories are Ginn & Co. publieations. It is to be hoped tbat every district board in tbe county will meet and take action on tbe committee's report at the nrliest possible date, and I caeoot nrge too strongly that the list as recoramended oy your committee be acccpted. I would not arlvise a com plete and immediate change in all books, but an immediate adoption of the list. Tben, as rapidly as uew classes are formed in the different subjfcots, take up the werk with tbe new books. Papils are freqneutly moving ficm district to district and as the same books are not now used in any two schools, these frequent changes nacessitate the buying of new books at every uiove. If tbe same books are used in fcvrry district a pnpil may pass fiom ïuy district in the county to any otber district iu the county without Dg books. It Tvill make uniform work and nuifoim grading possible, and will do much toward putting our schools where tbey justly beloiig - in the front tank of the schools of Michigan. Yon may be visited by ageuts of oae Dook concern or auother who will endeavor to deteat this move toward uni-' formity and modern books by securing the adoption of some of their books not inckided in the above list. These concerns all haa an oppnrttmity to be heard before the committee, and whether they. took advantage of the opportnnity or not, their books were exarnined on their merits, and you are respectfnlly nrged to follow the recommendatiou of the committee rather than the snggestiou of au interested agent. These men are working for their own interests, uot loryours. Have nothing to do with auy agent of any compauy. Urging yonr early aud favorable action on the committee's recomrupuda tien, I reraain, Yours for good schools, W N. LISTER, Comruissioner. If you are not now a member of tb scioool board please hand to yonr suc the matter is urgeut.