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Thos. Birkett, of Dexter, will have tour pens of Caehmere goats at the connty fair. Cornmencing vv'.th next mouth, the regular meetings of the Aun Arbeiter Unterstuetungs Verein will be held at 7:30 o'clock Jocal time. L. O. Goodrich, the "agent for the best tailors on earth"will remove bis office the first of the week from Schallers' store to rooms over the First National Bank. The Ann Arbor Cbioory Company today received its new machinery froru the Detroit custom house. It had been imported from Belgiuni and sent on in bond. The university yesterday received a donaticn of a nnmber of bird skins from F. W. Thrum, '96 lit, from the Hawaiian Islands. A Lawrence street house has the following sign on the door, "Warning to Burglars and Tbieves. These pretnises are protecetd by the N. E. B. Q. Co." A special train on the Ann Arbor road arrived at noon yesterday from the nortb, taking the place of the regular train ■whieb had been detaiued by a smashup. A swarm of stadeuts alighted from the train. It took half au hoor to unload the trunks. The case agaiust. Vic Scuneider for threatening to shoot was adjourned until Thursday. Orrin R. Pierce, of Hudson (the man wüo banged up against Heinrich Schmid in a receDt electiou), has purcbasscl from W. W. Nichols. of this city, the latteis erop of 1,000 bnshels of apples. " Eva C, wife of Andrew Renle, No. 210 E. Washiugton st. , yesterday oelebrated her TUth birthday amuverfeary. A Dumber of lady fiieuds sarprised her. ïhey, eujoyed a most delightful eveniug. Qeorge Nagele, the former custodian of anatomical material of the medical dupartment. yesterday appeared ' in bis best clothes and polished shues. His friends on the campus were for a time very muc!i iu the dark uutil they discovered that Mr. Nagele was only preparing for his daily duties of ringing the bell at the morning hours for the medical student?. Mr. spite of his advancing years, is hale and hearty, and one of the most popular men on the campus. When he feels at all despondent he goes and takes a look at the anatomical material and feels rejuvenated. yrotn Wednesday's Daily Argus, Wm. Mitins, of Mauohester, has just started ont on a 50 days' jail sentence for the larceny of a bicycle. The pólice were notiiied yesterday that a bicycle was stolen Saturday night from in front of Wilder's drug store on State st. Mrs. David Gore, of Northfield, was thrown out of her buggy Mouday night and had several ribs bioken :iud was generally shaken up and bruised. Her physioian thinks slie vsill recover. Mann Bros. are fhaving a hardwood floor put down in the rooms on the second floor of their store. The rooms will .be occupied by Dr. Belser, whose growing piactica dinaands more room than his present contracted office room. The special meeting of the High School Athletic Association held yesterday afternoou, was a quiet one. This was due to the fact that the A. T. O'.s were nnt present, the Sigaia Sigma's, Deta Sigina Nu's and Iudependeuts running thiugs their own way, The folio wiug were clecteci: Miss Agnes Enoz, vice president; Ralph Jenney, secretary; Herbert Woodrow, treasnrer, W alter Tncker. senior director, and I. S. Lelaud memher of the board of contrjl. W. W. Dell, of Augusta, the guest of his brotner, Dr. J. A Dell, retutued home Monday. Mr. Dell is a raember of the Farmers' Frotective Asnociatiou of this county. In speaking of the recent tiumber of horses that have been stdeu in the vicinity of Ypaiiaiti, Mr. Dfallcalled attention to the f act that the owners were all members of the association. None of the horses or thieves have been recovered or captured . Arthnr J. Sweet is rrepanng a paper for the New York Street Rail way Journal on the cost of drilling, bonding and track work. It is to be used at the approaohing meeting of the association of street railway men. Mr. Sweec's rail drilliug machines continue to prove a great success, and the s;ile of the ma chines is continually inoreasing. Postmaster Pond received wora froiu Washington last night that the regular ratea of postage for the United States would apply to mail matter goiug to and from Porto Rico. This will be cheerful news to the six students fiotn that island who are attendiug tho univesrity here at present. The 9th Michigan, the 16th Michigan and the 4th C"valry held re-unions in Detroit yesterday which were attended by Col. Dean, Dr. Berakey, Maj. Steveus.B. Frank Goode]], W. H. Fisher and W. K. Cnilds. In the afternoon these gentlemen went to the htadquarters of the Army of the Cumberland and today all the members of the regiments are invited out for a boat ride frotu 2 till 6 o'olock. From Thursdav's Daily Argus. Christian Teufel with the help of Jacob Schleminer canght a nine aod a half pound pickerel in Portage Lake. Their friendts give a graphic account of the capture of the fish. Alexander Ratti, the fruit dealer, No. 216 E. Htiron st. ,has sold his business to George Sedgwick,and returns to Pontiac, where he was formerly in bnsness. Mr. Ratti made fnends while he resided here, who wieh him well in what ever he may undertake. James, tbe three-year oíd son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Forshee, of Salem, difid yesterday of cholera infantum. The funeral servijes will be held tomorrow moruins at 10 o'clock at the residence of ihe parents. The iuterrnent will taKs place at the Leland church. The remains of Frederick Elnier, the Ki-year-old son of Mr. and filrs. John Fisher, of Detroit, at one time residents of Ann ArDor, will arrive in this city on the 9:40 a. m. Michigan Oentral train tomorrow. He died yesterday at his parents' home of consumption. Tne steel shoe of the 10 inch casiug of the campus well did not arrive today and in cousequence Driller Smith aud bis assistaut, "Ginger, " are sunning themselves on thesouth side ot the derriek, while their "cadets," Hill and Sweat are telling stories. Mr. Smitb received a compliment today of being one of the best natured men in the world. The professor tbought Mr. Smith shonld use one of the patent kicking machines in whichit is only necessary to press a button and a kid will be raised into mid-air. ïteserved seat sale for the Y. M. C. A. star course of entertainments opens at the asjociution rooms next Monday morning at 9 o'clock. Tle annual mission festival or the Trinity Lutberan Church of Saline will be lield Suijcláy, October 7. The D. Y. & A. A. Ry presented Ami Arbor Commandery, Kaights Templar, with a receiptf d bill for the use of the car which conveyed t'hem to Detroit and return on Sept. 19. The records of the Y. M. C. A. night school show that 106 different men have already taken work in its classes. Five of these were either business or professional men at the time. Three have since gone into business for themselves. Two have entered college and between 50 or 60 others are now occuping rtiSponsible positions ia the city. Some street loafer with a vigorous thirst, that was destined not to be satisfied, stole a gallon jug from a wagon on N. Main street Monday. He lelt a large quantity of groceries but was irresistably attracted by the heavy júg, which, alas, contained nothing more thirst satisfying than kerosene !- Courier. The Choral Union will hold its flrst meeting Tuesday, Oct. 3. All former members desiring seats must be present at this meeting. Applicants will be examined by Prof. Stanley at the School of Music from 9 to 11 a. m., or 4 to 5 p. m., after Wednesday, Sept. 27. There was a lively runaway this morning on lluron street. A horse belonging to Dr. Daniel W. Nolan broke away from a phaeton at the corner of División street. When the horse had reached the court house square, he was met by August Winter on a bicycle, who intrepidly jumped from lus machine and caught the horse. Mis. Henriette Winders, wife of Edward Winders, of Miller avenue, died early this morning, aged 28 years. The funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at her late residence. She was a daughter of Jacob Ehnis, of Xorthtield. lier husband and two children survive her. The music at the First M. E, church will receive valuable additions for the coming year. Mr. Walter Taylor and Mrs. Alice Clement (nee Cramer) will be added. The chorus and quartette sysiem will both be in evidence. Don't fjrget the box for the sick soldiers at Manila. Many donations have already come in, but more can be used. The committee meet Saturday afternoon, Sept. 80, to pack the box. All articles must be received before that time. Don't forget also that money is needed to pay for transporta,tion. Nickels and dimes will be acceptable and dollars will not be scorned. Send donations to Dr. Wojd Allen, residence 1317 Washtenaw ave.