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The fire department was called out last evening by a bon-fire in the neighborhood of the Ann Arbor Brewing Co. 's plant. Ac the regular meeting of the W. R. C, which occurs Oct. 10, a full attendance is desired, as business of importance is to be transacted. The ruission Sunday schools of St. Andrew's churchv at Geddes and Foster's, will resnrue their work next Snnday. Fred Busp, the owner of the property formerly owned by Charles Binder, on W. Libeity st., ia having the frame addition torn down. In place of this he will have a two story brick addition put tip. Mr Bdss will use the building for a harness store. At the annual meeting of the Bethlehem Kvangelical chnrch held last evening, 27 njembers were present. Adam Mueller, Jacob Rehfuss and Louis Rohde were re-elected trustees There were 16 new meinbers admitted. Tne total rnenibership of the charch is over 300. Tbey represent moetly heads of families, as fot instance the father of a family only counticg as one. Secretary MiJls, of the Washtenaw Fair, üas arranged for a game of football ou the fair grounds Friday afternoou between the 'Varsity and Reserves. Ad interesting game rnay be expectefl. Friday aittrnoon, althougn the last day of tbs fair, will offer a uumber of attractious,and itshould not be niissed. As the stores will close dnring the afternoon a large crowd iHay be espected. The series of factilty concerts for the coming saason will be inaugnrated Thnrsday evoning.Oct. 12. At this concert a most superb program will be given.and it is to be hoped tnat the iuterst manifestd in tonner years will be maintained. Mr. Bernard Sturm, violinist, will make his first appearance as a member of the Scbool of Mnsic faculty. The dates for the first semester are as follows: Oct. 2, Nov. 2, Dec. 7, Jan. 11, and Feb. 1 Tickets will be placed on sala at the usual places. Fíom Wednesday's Daily Argus. The registration at the university ícbool of music ie larger than lnst year at the same tima. August Tessmer, of Madison st. , fell from the scaffold on the second floor of a bricfe building being built by Christian Schlenker on W. Liberty 3t. , and broke one of his wrists. Dr. Conrad George reduced the fracture. Daring the njonth of September the pólice made 16 arrests of wbich flve were druDkenness, two violation of the ordinances,four asáault and battery, and three larceny. The city's fees amounted to 113.50. Justice Duffy reportad one case nnder the ordinances, and Justice Doty 25, mostly bicycle case. The steel shoe for the campus well 10-inch casing arrived last evening. This morning Driller Srnith had steaui started up. The shoe was a trifle large, and it had to be turned down iu the rnechanical laboratory. This afternoon the work of pattiiig down the 10 inoh casing was re-commenced. John Allmand, of Jackson ave., owner of Black Besa, declared today that he has decided not to euter bis mare at the Washtenaw Fair matinee. Blaok'Bess has developed a speed that woald cause her to out-distanue all of her competitors, and he does not wish to take first money from all the other hcrsemuD. J. B. Steere, the grower of Flowing Well Celflry in Pittsfield, sayg the heavy freezo Saturday night did from $1,000 to $1,500 damage to the celery that was bleaching in the groand. The later celery was not injured so much. If the celery throughout southern Michigan was injured in the same proportion there v? ill be a scarcity of bleached celery ou the m&rket for the next 10 days. Mr. Steere savea his large onion crop frotn injury. His root celery, oabbage and cauhtiower were not injured by the froet. His neighbors, Tom Bast and son, worked Saturday until midnight saving their onion crop. They put them in great piles and covered them with eartb. . - ' - Peter Peterson, rf 433 Müler ave. has receíved a letter form nis son, Oln: G. Peterson, who is teaching at Iehpe ming, Mich., that on last Friday eigh inohes oí snow feil. The friendB of temperance expect th lectnre of Rev. J. F. Brant in the M B. church, Thurfday evening, to b very interesting. le will be illustraced with stereopticon views. Tbe large attendance and hard work done by the law stadents can be bes jnrlged by a iooK into the Jaw library At 8 o'clock in the morning there are generally over 50 men hard at work From Thursday's Daily Argus. Tha horseless carriage and the ox tam on the fair grounds are attracting attention. They both were in the grand cavalcade this afternoon. The feed barn of Robert Benz, on W. Haron st., is rapidly approaching completion. lts hnge proportions can be judged since the roof is in place. Marriage licenses issned : Irving W. Johnson and Ollie J. Morris, both of Dexter; Christian Frey, of Whitmore Lake and Sophie Braun, of Emory ; Frank Fred Graf and Emma Gauss, both of Ann Arbor. Co. G, of the Sd Regiment Michigan Cavalry, wül hold its reunion at the Clifton house at Whitmore Lake next Wednesday, Oct. 11. Capt. T. V. Quackenbush, of Superior, is the local member in charge. A business meeting will be held at 3 o'clock. A banquet and camp fire will be held in the evening. Tbu large exhibit of hand painteü china wade by üswald .Herz, at the Washtenaw fair, is ranch commented upon. He is receiving a large nutnber of deserved compliments. Mr. Herz is an artist, ana bis work shows the flneness and taste that only a true artist can give to tbis delicate woik. That Mr. Herz is apprfciated, is shown by the many ordei - bc receives. A number oi wars ago a young Japane.e student worked his way through the univeersity by waiting on table. His name was Yeijire Ono. Since his return to Japan be has nsen to be chief of the bureau of inspection of the Bank of Japan. To show his appreciation of what the university did for him he sent live of his countrymen direut to Prof. Adams here, and they have entered the university to make a special s u ly of political, economy. Ono looked to Prof. Adaius as an old friend who would care for his fellow Japs. and shipped them to him hke freight.