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The ninth annual reunión of Co. G, Tliird Michigan Cavalry, was held at the Clifton House at Whilmore Lake, Octoberllth. The following members answered to roll cali: Capt. T. V. Quackenbush. of riymoutli; S. H. AÏlitou, Owosso; W ChuicLill at)d wife, Mt. Pleasant; P. P. Lenox and A. J. Brown and wife, Ithaca; D. A. Smith, T. Featherby, wife and granddaughter, O. Douglass, A. J. Sawyer, E. M. IIoll, L. Benuett, H. M. i Olsaver, Hamburg; J. Todd and wife, Whitmore Lake; D. E. Hand, Afin ; Arbor; H. J. llopkins, Chesaning; J. Stacey and N. Phy, Chesaning; 11. 1 Cunningham, Vicksburg; W. H. Hall, Whitmore; M. Borden, wife and daughter, llowell; O. Bentley and wife, S Avis and wife, and S. A. Saüth, ]?ushton; E. II. Smith, Hubbardston: Geo. Clinton, Gregory; H. Olsaver, wife and daughter, TCushton; W. Cole and wife, Kalkaska; Geo. Smitherrnan and wife, Northville; H. J. Pinckney and wife, Ypsilanti. Sorae of thern had not met before since they were mustered out iu 1866. At the business meeting held in the afternoon it was learued that J. E. Placeway, one of the members, had died during the past year. In the election of offlcers, Capt. T. V. Quackenbush, of Plymouth, was reelected president; A. J. Sawyer, oi Hamburg, first vice-president; S. H. AllitoD, of Owosso, secretary and treasurer; M. Borden, toastmaster; D. E. Hand, of Ann Arbor, chairman of executive committee. ïhe banquet at the Clifton House was a grand affair. The tables were loaded with good things too numerous to mention, to whioh about sixty sat down. After the banquet the company adjourned to the ball room for the camp fire, where the old comrades of Other regiments and citizens of more Lake filled the hal]. The orchestra, composed of G. and E. Quackenbush, F. Smith and Mrs. F. Butterfield, opened the exercises with a line piece of music, which all seetned to appreciate, af er which toastmaster P. P. Lenox called the following comrades to speak, subject not given: A. J. Brown, of Ithaca; D. E. Hand. Ann Arbor; W. Cole, Kalkaska; J. Todd, Whitmore Lake; T. V. Quackenbush, Plymouth; H. J. Pinckney, Ypsilanti; Hon. George S. Wheeler, of Salem, and others; and a recitation by a little girl whose name we did oot learn. Comrad E. Smith, of Hubbardstown, sang several pieces, which were enjoyed by all. Music by the orchestra was interspersed between toasts. The next reunión will be held at Owosso in üctober, 1900.