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Nearly $3,000 In Eight Months

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Sheriff Gillen's bilĂ­ for boardinf? the piisouers at the Washtenaw county jail f rom January 1, 1899, to October 1, 1899,- a period of eight months- came up bef ore the board of supervisors this afternoon. it amounfed to $2,971.92. Tl e com mittee had looked it over and checked it up. It was found to be correct. There were some on the board that wanted it referred back to the couiinittee on sonae minor detail, but ie was flnally carried. The question as to whether a deputy sheriff, whose bill was presented, should be ailowed a half day's pay for attendiiig court wlien a prisoner pleads guilty, brought out considerable di&cussion, and the bill was referred back to the comiriittee.